Your 1201k Questions About Samsung Netbook N150 Plus

Maria asks…

can i play roller coaster tycoon 3 on my N150 plus samsung netbook?

i want to know if roller coaster tycoon 3 will run how it is supposed to n my netbook. plus if i buy the download off, will i still need a disc to play? Thanks so much!
here are some details i found about my netbook. Im not very computer savvy so im not sure if this will help figure out if rtc3 will work on my computer buuuuut hopefully it will :) it sounded very techy so i just figured this was what i needed…

Processor: Intel® Atom™ Processor N450 (1.66GHz, 667MHz, 512 KB)
Operating System: Genuine Windows® 7 Starter
Memory: 1 GB (DDR2 / 1 GB x 1)
LCD: 10.1” WSVGA (1024×600), non-gloss, LED backlit
HDD: 250 GB (5400 rpm S-ATA)
Optical Disk Drive: No
Graphics Processor: Intel GMA3150 (Int. Graphic)
Wireless: LaAN 802.11 bg/n
LAN: 10/100 LAN

Blogger answers:

I don’t know if it work , you should put more informations about your notebook, but if you buy the download i’m sure that you won’t need a disc to play : )

Chris asks…

What’s better? Acer Aspire one happy or Samsung N150 plus?

It’s my sister’s birthday and she got the Acer Aspire One Happy. I have the Samsung N150 plus netbook and, since I am competitive, I want to know which one is better. Thanks!
Thanks, I knew my netbook was better! C:

Blogger answers:

You’d rather go with the N150.. It has longer battery life and i like the style 😀

Ken asks…

Which Operating system best for my netbook?

I want the best performance from my netbook. it comes with WINDOWS 7 STARTER. it is very slow..
If i install Windows 7 home premium, it will increase speed? or may i install win XP?

netbooksamsung n150 plus.
intel atom n450 – 1.8GHz
1GB ddr2 ram
128 vga

Blogger answers:

Try upgrading the RAM to 2 gigabytes. That usually makes quite a significant difference.

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