Your 1201k Questions About Samsung Netbook N130

Mary asks…

External Optical Drive for a Samsung N130 Netbook?

I just got this netbook for Christmas, but being the very small ten inch netbook that it is, it didn’t come with a cd/dvd drive. Does anyone know where I could find an external optical drive for it that plays both cd’s and dvd’s?
Another question, do I have to get the same brand, or can it be a different one and still work?

Blogger answers:

Try or

Lizzie asks…

I have a Samsung N130 Netbook running Windows 7, I need the Network Controller Driver.?

I need the samsung N130 Network Controller driver, because I can’t connect to WIFI and looking in device manager, this is the only driver that is needed, does anyone know where I can get it?


Blogger answers:

That can be obtained from Samsung and if you D/L it to a flash drive then you can put it onto your netbook that is not connected or you could connect via wired connection and D/L it direct

Joseph asks…

Does anyone know how to get sound back on a samsung netbook n130?

everytime i go on msn video call my sound completley goes and theres no way to get it back this time?? what can i do?? suggest??

Blogger answers:

Tr ye this!
Download ur drivers and reinstall!
I hope it helps

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