Your 1201k Questions About Lenovo Thinkpad Support

Donna asks…

Can a Lenovo Thinkpad T43 support DirectX9.0c?

I recently purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad T43 2686. I have upgraded it to Windows 7. I can already see that there is a graphics issue as the top taskbar of any window seems simple and not what others Windows 7 computers appear as. Whatever other graphic issues there may be, I have yet to come across them. As for DirectX, recently purchased Sims 2 to join this laptop and everything installed properly and correctly. But when I go to run the game, a warning window comes up saying, “Failed to find any DirectX9.0c graphics adapter”. I’m surprised to learn that a computer of this quality would lack in such an area since DirectX has higher graphics adapters than 9 in this year. I’ve been looking for a solution the past 3 days and am resorting to yahoo. All help is appreciated

Blogger answers:

What a silly question of corse it will suport if it can run in windows xp so it is easy run it on win7 but i think you should install directx 10 it would be better and compatible

James asks…

How to write in Hindi at Lenove X62 Thinkpad?

Pls tell me how to write anything in Hindi (Other than English Language) and get it in Hindi Font in Lenovo X series Thinkpad. Default support is only for English language.

Blogger answers:

I believe that laptop ONLY supports the English language to write in as default. Check the languages section in the control panel. You may have to download a font pack to have it “type” in hindi. Contact their tech support for more assistance.

Lisa asks…

Is the thinkpad mini dock 250410U compatible with lenovo T400 ?

This is what I found on their website.. I dont see T400 being listed here.

Compatible with ThinkPad T60 Series, R60 Series and Z60 Series notebooks (except R60e/R61e and Z61e). Does not support earlier ThinkPad models

Blogger answers:


The dock predates the systems, so they are not listed in the support letter.

If you look in the T400 announce details it should list the 2504 as supported.

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