Your 1201k Questions About Lenovo Ideapad A1

Sharon asks…

Where can you go to get a Lenovo ideapad A1?

I’m not asking where can you buy one online. I’m asking where can you go to walk into a store and buy one? Please respond, my birthday is saturday and I want on on that day :) not wait 5 days for it to get here :(

Blogger answers:

You can buying from here and Want it delivered Wednesday, February 29? Order it in the next 3 hours and 59 minutes, and choose One-Day Shipping try check

hope help you

Michael asks…

Need to know something about the lenovo ideapad A1 (22282EU) Tablet?

I need to know if this tablet has a hdmi or mini (micro) hdmi port. I saw pictures of the (22282MU) having one but i need to know if this model has it.

Blogger answers:

Here is the support site good luck…

Susan asks…

What is the better tablet: VIZIO VTAB 1008 or Lenovo Ideapad A1?

Vizio is $189
Idea pad is $229

Which one should I buy?

Blogger answers:

If I were you I’d go with Vizio it’s a very good company and they make good products.

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