Your 1201k Questions About Hp Mini Laptop

Nancy asks…

I am unable to install a hp external cd rom to my Linux operating system mini hp laptop?

When attempting to install the external cd drive by using usb port linux fails to pick up cd player to install on my HP mini laptop?

Blogger answers:

When i comes to Linux – Driver support is important – I would suggest that you check a hardware comparability list to see if there is a different driver for that device Here goes one for you Also check These videos out –

Mark asks…

Can I hook up a Hp Mini laptop to my LCD Tv?

The title basically says it. Can I hook up my mini hp laptop to my lcd tv? The problem with mini‘s is they don’t have the blue port to hook up a monitor like most laptops. Is there any other way? If so how? Thanks, Joe

Blogger answers:

Does it have a DVI port? Or HDMI? Or 8-pin S-video? If it does you can hook it up. Almost every computer has a video-out port so the mini Hp must have one because it’s not that old.

Lisa asks…

how do I get mute to turn off on my hp mini laptop?

My hp mini laptop is stuck on mute and I can’t get it to turn off so I have sound again. I pushed the button and I even re-booted my computer and it is still stuck on mute. Please help me.

Blogger answers:

Look at the lower right taskbar on the desktop. Near the clock you’ll see a speaker icon. Double click that and uncheck the mute button. You should have a mute key on your keyboard as well. You may have to press the FN function button and then the speaker mute icon.
Good luck!

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