Your 1201k Questions About Hp Mini 311 Review

Mandy asks…

is it true that the hp mini 210 does a bad job at playing videos?

i herd that it struggles to play videos smoothy, like youtube and so that true

Blogger answers:

Yea it does get an hp mini 311 it has a better graphics adpater

Lisa asks…

I’m thinking about buying an HP mini, is that a good netbook?

I’m just looking for reviews…

Blogger answers:

I highly recommend getting the HP Mini 311 for the following reasons:

1. ) Has the Nvidia Ion chip which allows10x faster graphics and video transcoding.
2.) Full HD video decode and display.
3.) HP Direct allows the system to be expandable up to 3 GB of RAM memory.
4.) HP Direct gives you the option of getting a Solid State Hard Drive, making it faster boot up times and virtually no heat or noise.
5.) One of the few netbooks that run the full version of Windows 7, rather than the starter version. This allows the user to change themes, desktop background, aero features, etc.

Good luck.

Linda asks…

Should I get a hp mini 311? Or just stick with acer?

I’m gonna be buying my first laptop ever.. And I’ve always used acer but I found it so slow… Unfortunately I got used to it.. I was wondering if hp is a good brand particularly the mini 311 since it has promising reviews from different sites.. The only main function for my laptop would be downloading music, videos via torrents, facebook, typing few documents, chat and vidcam.. Watching and listening to media files… And my other issue is that I’d be bringing it to another country due to work…The size is ok because it’s in between of a small ang bigger screen sized laptops… So far Is it good enough?

Blogger answers:

Get the HP,
Acers over heat alot, and have alot of bad parts.

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