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Charles asks…

how to master reset a HP notebook?

I’ve been wanting to reset my HP notebook for some while now but i cant. and i can’t add a disk because i dont have a cd/dvd drive
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Blogger answers:

You will probably have to use the HP Recovery Manager but you need to find the support page for your model first.

Is this a Mini?

If yes, what model (110, 210, 210 HD, 311 or even Compaq CQ10)?

To find information on your model (even if it is not a mini), go here: and check the See support and troubleshooting information button in step 1.

Before going there, locate the machine’s sticker (probably on the bottom/underside), write down the exact model number as there are many variations (61 for the 311, 58 for the 210/210 HD and 10 for the Compaq CQ10).

Once you have that number, put it in the box under step 2.

You will then arrive on the product’s portal page where you can find drivers, informations, F.A.Q.s and many more things.

Steven asks…

Should I get Ubuntu for my laptop?

I’m definitely getting Ubuntu. The question is more of a “will it work” question. I have a Compaq Mini 110 and it works rather well. I’m just curious as to if all the drivers will work. 1GB of ram, 1.60GHz processor, and everything else is integrated.There’s no hot keys to worry about. I just need re-assurance that it will work.

P.S – Do you think I should get Desktop or Net Bookk, 10.04 or 10.10

Blogger answers:

Desktop 10-10 will work perfect, when you come to install you will get the option to install side by side with windows, or use the entire disc, if you install side by side you can choose which system to use windows or ubuntu, you can also use ubuntu as a live cd before you install to make sure you like it before you install to the hard disc. Hope this is of help good luck.

William asks…

Problems with Windows XP Activation?

I know this probably belongs in a forum site rather than Y! Answers but it’s pretty urgent and I can always get a quick reply on here so…

I’ve got a Compaq Mini 110 netbook which I have just replaced a failed hard drive on. I have installed XP Home from a genuine microsoft setup disc with a genuine product key from the sticker on the netbook. Once the setup has completed, it straight away asks me to activate windows instead of giving me 30 days like it usually does. I managed to get the network driver installed on it in safe mode to try and activate online, it did and stated that activation was successful. It then logged out of windows, when I click the username to log in again it says windows is not activated but it won’t let me do it online again stating it has a connection problem. I then tried telephone activation, this worked and said successful, but then when clicking the username to log in it says that it is not activated.

I have low-level formatted the drive, installed XP again, tried 2 different XP CDs (both genuine holographic microsoft ones) with the exact same problem every time.

Any ideas?

hi gusmble, the netbook is fairly new and came with XP on it until the original hard drive died, if they are still selling new machines with XP on them I would certainly hope they will let it activate for several more years. The key has never been used before as the netbook was pre-activated with the HP master key when purchased so the key on the sticker has never been used before now. I just can’t figure it out. I spoke to microsoft on the phone and they are so useless, they say the key is valid and that it should activate fine, and when they type in the code their end it says successful but the computer just doesn’t seem to ‘save’ it and goes back to the start again. I’m tempted to stick linux on it and send it back to the customer like that…
Got it sorted. Turns out the license key on the bottom of the laptop was somehow determining how windows was being installed and changing certain settings to be HP specific, for example the default username to login was being set to ‘Owner’ automatically instead of asking me to type in the login names so I don’t know what else it was affecting. When I used a non-branded license key from an OEM copy of windows, it has installed fine and activated perfectly. Thanks for your suggestion gusmble.

Blogger answers:

Since the introduction of Windows vista and Windows 7. Microsoft may not be activating any more version of XP. Either that or you’ve exceeded the amout of times you can activate those versions of Microsoft XP. Normally you can only activate the product key on a couple of computers before you run out of licenses.

As far as I’ve seen, most stores don’t sell computers with Windows XP anymore. Everyone I’ve seen locally or online come with Windows vista or 7. Doesn’t sound like the the microsoft rep you talked to on the phone knew what they were doing. Try to stick another operating system on it and see if that works. That should narrow down whether its an issue with the XP license or an issue with your laptop. If another operating system won’t install successfully, try doing a complete format (not a quick format) of your laptop.

Good Luck

Glad to be of help

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