Your 1201k Questions About Asus Eee Slate

Mandy asks…

Asus eee slate trouble detecting its bluetooth keyboard, help!!?

i bought this 98%new asus eee slate just last month, it came with the microsoft mobile bluetooth keyboard that’s designed just for this tablet, but it won’t detect it although my phone was able to discover it. i took it to best buy and they declared the keyboard was damaged during shiiping so i bought a new one but it’s the same situation, my tablet doesn’t detect it, this keyboard is brand new
it must be the tablet’s problem right? does anyone know how to fix this kind of problem?

Blogger answers:

Here is the support site

Sharon asks…

How do you use the webcam on the Asus EEE Slate?

Blogger answers:

For taking pictures I recommend Foto Friend’s online photobooth:

Over 50 awesome web cam effects, keep your photos private, edit them, download them or share them online.

For making movies you can use Windows Movie Maker (comes free with Windows and should be in your Start menu)

Nancy asks…

can the asus eee slate?

i paln to buy asus eee slate and i wanted to know if it can replace my laptop thanks

Blogger answers:

It is good
+ It’s like it was was made for OneNote – stylus input and handwriting recognition are incredible
+ Screen is very bright and crisp, great viewing angles
+ Touch input experience is good as well, supports pinch zoom, etc
+ Fast, responsive, boots quick, runs Win7 apps well, good experience with office suite
+ Email and Web browsing is surprisingly easy with either touch or stylus input
+ Can handle some higher end games, though not a gaming machine

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