Your 1201k Questions About Asus Eee Pc 1001px

Donald asks…

How is a netbook for college?

I just got the Asus Eee Pc 1001px netbook as a christmas present for my parents, im going to be starting college soon, so is a netbook generally good?i can see it has something preloaded to type documents but i was wondering

Blogger answers:

If you are going to use it for note taking, keeping up with your PIM, emails and some internet browsing for research, it’s great. Has relatively long battery life, light weight and small size for carrying around everywhere you want to go.

Depending on your major, if there are other requirements such as multi-media or software development… Then you will need something with more power.

As long as this is not your primary computer and you have a more powerful one for use in your dorm room or home, you will be fine.

George asks…

How to activate microsoft office 2010 on my notebook?

Hello :)
I have an asus eee pc 10′ notebook (1001px)
On the box it says.. “Purchase Office 2010 to activate preloaded software on this PC” and i already have a product key/code for microsoft office 2010 but dont know where to find the preloaded software (or the place where i can enter the key)
Could you help by any chance?

Blogger answers:

You should be able to go to Start/All Programs and look for Microsoft Office – open Word. After Word opens go to File – choose Help – look on the right side for “Change Product Key” – click on that and proceed according to directions – activating over the Internet.

Charles asks…

Things you would need for a Asus Eee PC 1001PX Netbook with Intel®Atom™ Processor – Purple Laptop?

I want this for Christmas, and i just need to know the additional cost for other items that is need for it.
Thanks !!

Blogger answers:

If you want to play it safe you need a 16GB USB stick to make a back up of the operating system. It won’t come with restore discs, you need to make your own restore USB stick.

Apart from that you need a virus scanner and firewall. There are good free ones but if you want to keep using the one that comes installed then you need to start paying after a month.

I’d recommend looking into free virus protection. There a several good ones out there.

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