Your 1201k Questions About Acer Aspire

James asks…

Acer Aspire?

I am thinking of buying an Acer Aspire AST690-UP926A Desktop PC (go on and copy and paste Acer Aspire AST690-UP926A Desktop PC), but it does not come with a monitor. im wondering what a cheap monitor would be, preferably between 17 and 19 inches, and that is compatible with this computer. and ideas?

Blogger answers:

The best is ” Samsung 940 BW ” with 5ms response time….

It will coordinate well to your “ACER” …

Despite of the Quality they understand more about Monitors…..

I have one and it’s Great!!

John asks…

acer aspire?

Thinking of buying an Acer Aspire am3100-u3300a desktop. How does Acer compare with Dell/HP as far as quality goes?
I am replacing an emachines, so no more emachines.

Blogger answers:

Acer is coming up in quality and they recently acquired emachines so you might try looking at some emachines to if you like acer. My roomate has an aspire and it run great they got a deal on it at best buy. Dell is not a great choice because they are not highly upgradable Hp makes a good product but they are often overpriced. Overall in my opinion Acer makes a better product for the price.

Helen asks…

Can different acer aspire one power cords work on my different Acer aspire one?

I have an acer aspire one a0751h and the only cords I can find are for other models or they don’t say.

Blogger answers:

As long as the wattage, amperage and voltage spec.’s are the same you can.
Look here for a new power adapter

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