Your 1201k Questions About Acer Aspire S3

Sharon asks…

is acer aspire s3 good for playing the sims 2?

i’ve been thinking about getting a new laptop which is acer aspire s3 and i want to play the sims 2 on my new laptop since my current laptop sucks at graphic…

Blogger answers:

Specs-wise the Aspire S3 is good enough I believe to play Sims 2 with the graphics setting set to medium or low in the gameplay to avoid lag while gaming. The processor is fast enough to compensate for the integrated video card and should give you a comfortable play time if you’re the type that can make do with the graphics being not as realistic as compared to the game being set to the highest graphic settings possible.

I’m not sure why you chose the Aspire S3 from all the rest of your options, but if gaming will be a considerable amount of reason for use with your laptop, then I’d suggest you purchase a laptop model that has a dedicated video instead (specs wise these should have either NVidia or ATI Radeon indicated and a sticker of which will also be found in the product).

Paul asks…

What is the name of the song in the advert for the acer aspire s3 ultrabook?

Please help this has been driving me crazy! It’s on the piano if that helps… which it wont… I’m clueless.

Blogger answers:

Jamers Reynolds — Life in slow motion

Helen asks…

What song is used in the Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook – Banner Ad?

Is it an original song, or does this song have a name? I think its pretty epic and I just wanted to hear the rest if there is a rest. If there is an instrumental or extended version without the people’s voices, that would be fine too.

Blogger answers:

I heard it’s a remix of? The reqirem for a dream theme song according to the ad on youtube. Someone there said so

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