Toshiba NB505/NB500 netbook evaluation

Toshiba NB505/NB500 netbook review

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Video Rating: 4 / five

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18 comments on “Toshiba NB505/NB500 netbook evaluation
  1. Rotten Pearl Games says:

    I know because I have one…

  2. ThePlasmaShocker says:

    Do you know haw to change the screen saver?

  3. CrazyGuyInc1121 says:

    I have it and it sucks

  4. pip5528 says:

    It runs Minecraft slowly, and TF2 runs slowly even with reduced settings. It is capable of lightmaps for things like Legions Overdrive, but even in that case, it’s pretty slow. For gaming, it’s not the best.

  5. Rizal Fadilah says:

    omg, hes flu -,-

  6. marcos4444100 says:

    please, dont buy this toy, you will regret, i promise

  7. Skrim shaw says:

    in control panel/display settings

  8. aminebenamor says:

    I buy that netbook yesterday it’s so cool

  9. nissanv8FTW says:

    these netbooks are PERFECT for messing about in linux. Fedora runs VERY well on this machine.

  10. christopherwillson says:

    Do you know how racist that is? His voice doesn’t even resemble Rajesh’s voice so you’re just calling him out for being Indian at this point.

  11. Quochuy Pham says:

    mình thích dòng này :)

  12. Edthekilekiller says:

    does this come with a graphics card??

  13. ana med says:

    microsoft?? word, exce,l power point have u used those programs with the laptop

  14. Derrick Quinn says:

    schools treat computers like crap

  15. Derrick Quinn says:

    i got one and if you do the correct things it is amazing

  16. KokoMANZZZ says:


  17. GR8PRODUCTIONST34M says:

    i might buy one, i need something better than an ipod to search the web

  18. VlogMania says:

    what do mean by crap, is it slow or something?

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