Samsung NP RV510, RV511, S3510, S3511, R530, R519 Laptop Screen Substitute Repair brings you replacement instruction and how to dismantle and fix the lcd led screen display panel on Samsung NP RV510, RV511…

Notebook Samsung Np Rc530 S07it

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16 comments on “Samsung NP RV510, RV511, S3510, S3511, R530, R519 Laptop Screen Substitute Repair
  1. ceelman1 says:


  2. Redmeister says:

    Thanks. Great help :)

  3. Emma Diva Official says:

    A thousand thank yous! And I shall be more careful about where I leave my laptop in future, instead of leaping out of bed and putting my big hooves through it :)

  4. blue58659 says:

    Waaaa my samsung r519 is broke it kept freezing so i thogh my pen in temper and it smashed so hard my screen gone fucking multicolerd i ca t play or activate my club penguin membership cant afford new screen i realy want to be on for hollywood party to :-(

  5. trecker haynes says:

    thanks so much for this this worlds great cos of people like you

  6. enzoneable says:

    Hi, after replacing my new screen is flickering. What is it means?

  7. mikelfc08 says:

    Thanks to this vid i was able to buy a new screen and repair it myself within a few days so cheers :)

  8. Promi Uddin says:

    hiiii … me and my sister broke our screen and you can only see black and white coulour and those lines how it is broken so do i only have to buy a new screen and fix it like you are showing it on your video?? …. please response quick my parents are gonna kill me :S

  9. Carlo Knoop says:


  10. TLeMills says:

    is there anywhere i can get a replacement screen case aswell?

  11. BNSounds says:

    thx a lot. just fixed my rv510 by following this vid

  12. rokiczaaa says:

    I have RV511. Can I replace my display to FULL HD display? I found 15,6″ with 40pin. It should works

  13. John Greer says:

    Thanks lad!

  14. Karen Harding says:

    i have a backlight problem with my samsung r519 any suggestion?
    you can see a very feint samsung logo when i boot,but thats it,all lights are working fine..
    i havent got a lead to connect to a external monitor..

  15. Sherif Diab says:

    I have samsung NP300E5Z-S03AE my bro broke my screen and its all black and white where can i get the replacment screen i cant find it in the website and will it cost much bcs im from egypt??? my father is gonna kill me any suggestions? plz respond fast

  16. Precisionz24 says:

    broke my r519 screen, may jus send it over to you guys for a fix.

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