Samsung NF310 Netbook Hands On – English – Samsung NF310 with Atom N550, DDR3 RAM, inch (WXGA) display screen and good chasis at IFA 2010 in berlin.
Video clip Rating: 4 / 5 – Checking out the new Samsung NF310 Netbook with Intel Atom N550 Dual Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, 10 inch HD Display with 1366×768 resolution and Windows 7 Starter

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18 comments on “Samsung NF310 Netbook Hands On – English
  1. MarantzSt153 says:

    i always hated samsung anyways. but good revieuw.

  2. azezrtyuuiopqsdfghjk says:

    But i like this piece of shit!!!!

  3. YuwTuwb says:

    No HDMI – what a piece of shit!

  4. microsoftodessa says:

    i have it !

  5. MarkeSevillista says:

    good, i think i’ll upgrade it too ^^

  6. BetterDayz19 says:

    Yeah 2GB DDR3 from an older laptop. just got to install some software, installed all the drivers, but i still need to install the webcam and stuff.

  7. MarkeSevillista says:

    but, did you upgrade to a 2 GB DDR3???

  8. MarkeSevillista says:

    yes, i have windows 7 ultimate on my samsung hehe, so of course it can handle professional!

  9. BetterDayz19 says:

    ok I replaced the 1GB with the 2GB and the computer is much smoother, and better than before. I also did a fresh CLEAN install of original Windows copy with no crapware in it, and computer has also gained another performance boost. can also see certain HD videos in 720p smoother on youtube. i love it

  10. BetterDayz19 says:

    I just finally got mine today, I’m going to upgrade to 2GB because people said in reviews on samsung’s website there is a noticeable boost in performance once upgraded to 2GB. Also I want to fresh install windows on it. Do you think it can handle Windows 7 Professional?

  11. MarkeSevillista says:

    i bought it a month ago, it is SOOO NICEE…. i think you can only put one stick… i dont think you can put 2 of 1GB, but… upgrade RAM is useful only when you really need it… because if you are going to do typical things… 1 GB DDR3 is more than enough 

  12. BetterDayz19 says:

    damn, ok thanks for the info, was hoping to upgrade it to 3GB, but I guess i ll have to settle for 2gb. I just bought it today. Another question for you, is it better to run two 1GBs or just 1 2GB, because I have an extra 2GB ddr3 stick from an older laptop should I just put that or do you think I should buy another set of 2GB (1gb each)?

  13. MarkeSevillista says:

    Shut up if you don’t know what you are speaking about… intel atom N550 dual core only can be upgraded up to 2 GB

  14. volure1 says:

    Of course netbook have only about vary on netbook but, most have intergated video card with 224-256mega video card. The frame per second also alway vary what which type of netbook your getting. If your a basic guys that want to do internet and long life battery netbook for you. Some netbook have awesome life span of 15-16 hours if you have a good 6-9 cell battery. Three cell battery is the lowest for netbook. They run about 2.5 hours to 4 hours.

  15. volure1 says:

    Manomania lame question. Single core intel atom depending on typee lot of atom these days. N270,N280,N450,N455,N475N550. For single core it only 2 gb ram make it in simple term. If i had a single core intel atom running clock at 1.6 ghz you can only upgrade to 2gb ram. If you put more to 3 gb ram it will only run 2 gb due to the processor can’t processor 3 gb ram the 1 gb ram will not be process. For the Intel Atom N550 it will run it 4gb ram is good enough for most gaming.

  16. MarkeSevillista says:

    No, the maximum is 2 GB DDR3

  17. BetterDayz19 says:

    so you cant upgrade it to 3GB?

  18. MarkeSevillista says:

    Exactly, it supports 2 GB DDR3, IT COMES WITH 1 GB

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