Samsung N150 HD Video clip – Counterstrike – Word 2007 Test – Samsung N150 with Youtube 720P HD, 5MP Pics, 1080p and 720p Lokal, Word 2007 and Counterstrike tested.

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22 comments on “Samsung N150 HD Video clip – Counterstrike – Word 2007 Test
  1. anand199013 says:

    while playing HD videos make sure your power plan is set to High Performance (Click the Battery icon in task bar to change it)

  2. Konstantin3273K says:

    pretty usefull information

  3. mercedesSlk666 says:

    is it possible to change CPU from intel atom to something else?

  4. jamalahmadsayeed says:

    I’m watching this on Samsung N150 in 480p. Im serious

  5. TheAuto101 says:

    Thanks so much ndeviltv. This review convinced me to buy my n145.

  6. AntiStupidity says:


    I use this one (The dual-core version with 2 gigs of memory) soley for university; report-writing, programming, webscripting, photoshop, logic simulators and network simulators. And it does all quite well, save for high resolution images in photoshop.

    It is brilliant for something to do all of your work on that has a good 8 hour battery run and is light/small.

    You sir, just do not know what hardware to use in what situations.

  7. Marko Petrovic says:

    ahh. okei then , thanks anyway : )

  8. stevennora says:

    I don’t think so. I never ran my n150 with 1gb RAM since I purchased the 2gb chip at the same time I bought the netbook. I can tell you that my memory usage is always rights around 50%. I would think imagine that with 1gb of RAM it would be utilizing more virtual memory which will slow things down. 

  9. Marko Petrovic says:

    hallo friend, can this work on samsung n150 plus with 1gb ram ?

  10. stevennora says:

    For optimal performace on the Samsung N150, use the Function and F8 Key option to switch over to Fast Mode and change the battery mode to High Performance. Also go into the Intel Graphic Media Accelerator Driver settings and set everything to max, especially under the 3D settings. I have the N150 Plus with 2gb of ram and it streams Full Screen HD very well.

  11. Asdelvolante says:

    @xXEnkeixpressXx I FUCKING CANT


    jorgejuva —@—

  12. WAKAGamingTeam says:

    maybe you could use ready boost which just youtube it its were you stick a flashdrive in a computer and u use its memory like ram u want a 4GB Flashdrive and yeah and i suggest using TuneUp Utilities 2010 & CCleaner to clean up and yeah and turn your performance to high if you want to know more in deep just youtube how to make you computer faster hope i helped PS im getting one to

  13. angrybirdsplushtoys says:

    Hi, I am thinking of getting 2 of these for my girls for christmas, and they love watching youtube clips, in HD, do you think that if they were upgraded tot he 2GB of ram if would make it work fine? thanks…


    most netbooks arent meant to play that i guess most dont play hd yet… unless its really expensive netbook im guessing

  15. ashley22angel says:

    when it gets to 720p doesnt all comps have problems?

  16. RoShAnOWNEDyou says:

    But somebody sez that its an slow thing, is that true (i think not)

  17. RoShAnOWNEDyou says:


  18. RoShAnOWNEDyou says:

    yeah or cod bo.

  19. Softheart15 says:

    Thank u man.i wanted dis typ of review.keep it up man.thankz alot

  20. xXEnkeixpressXx says:

    The N150 can play both 1080p & 720p perfectly smooth.. You’ve just got to make sure that there aren’t any memory hogging applications in the background & also use programs like TuneUp Utilities 2010 & CCleaner to clean up & optimize the system. :)

  21. all4bao says:

    Awesome video test, keep it up!

  22. ziemowit128 says:

    Thanks for the review. Many valuable informations. Great job man:)

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