Samsung N150 Hands On at CES 2010 The N150 characteristics a six-cell 4400mAh battery that should be excellent for 7 hrs of battery life. Other features incorporate Wi-Fi (ba .3MP webcam, three-in-1 card reader and 3 USB ports. There is no Bluetooth in this model. The complete thing weighs 1.24kg and is one.05-inches in thickness.
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22 comments on “Samsung N150 Hands On at CES 2010
  1. anthonymallari12 says:

    can this play warcraft III dota and Starcraft 2 (the lowest graphic)

  2. 123marijn321 says:

    minecraft will be possible i think

  3. 123marijn321 says:

    he dont care its not hisXD

  4. TURKAYMARIO says:

    can u play games such as minecraft

  5. snicker9017 says:

    how much is this?

  6. computergenie1 says:

    If you do suchs things with your netbook all the time ( swinging with it ,taking the battery away when powered on etc) its no wonder that the thing only lasts 1 year with you.
    ( I Will need one that will work 5 or 6 years

  7. chukiti1000 says:

    yo tengo una

  8. medsiles says:

    i have one and i think the dell 10 inches is better. the antiglare screen is great, the battery life is great, the cooling system is great, it is thin, good 250 g.hard disk
    bad: is the keys are fragile, USB connectors are too close together, it is slower than dell even though it says its very fast and has the same processor.

  9. macojeda says:

    can that play flash games?

  10. RuneNetwork says:

    Naw u Just ate to much McDonalds Lol

  11. turini05 says:


  12. turini05 says:


  13. neider1 says:

    and css everything on low?

  14. NewAlex2000 says:

    Actually he shouldn’t, but the netbook was already connected to the mains, so what he did was not that bad !!!

  15. Crazee108 says:

    I love the matt finish on the cover and the screen… i HATE fingerprints!!

  16. dectruction says:

    contains microphone incorpored

  17. XeQ101 says:

    i just orded 1 so..

  18. minipcpro says:

    cs 1.6 works 😉

  19. omnomnomjews says:

    is this good or can you atleast play online games with much interuption?

  20. ivaniclixx says:

    and connected to the power supply…so no problem at all.

  21. EinkOLED says:

    If you want performance from a netbook then you would need a netbook containing an Ion processor, This uses the Atom processor plus an Nvidia graphics card which the atom lacks, this allows the netbook to display HD quality videos and some 3D games. The only restriction to HD content is the low resolution of the display itself. Expect to pay an entry level laptop price.

  22. EinkOLED says:

    I’ve used the new Dell 1012 which does average a little better than the samsung in design, the Dell is better built spill proof keyboard and a nice feel robust exterior. The proceesor although the same is slightly quicker and can handle 480p and multi tasking. And the battery lasts on average 1 hour more than the samsung. However the display although glossy seems very dark, and the Dell is slightly heavier. Price wise the Dell is more expensive which is why I recommend the samsung.

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