Samsung N145 Plus 10.1inch entry-degree Netbook hands on at IFA 2010
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A quick unboxing on the netbook I have bought. It is very small but very fast
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9 comments on “Samsung N145 Plus 10.1inch entry-degree Netbook hands on at IFA 2010
  1. TheTobymw99 says:


  2. LTJessup says:

    It is, I even checked my specs with the official website. It does not have bluetooth, but you can download drivers for the dongle. But, the N150 has Bluetooth 3.0 on it.

  3. Roy Martin Monsen says:

    maby it isnt the plus edition?

  4. superdupersuperman1 says:

    Thumbs up if your watching this on your n145 plus

  5. ChanceandDead says:

    Great Idea!

  6. LTJessup says:

    Mine doesn’t have bluetooth.

  7. DragonRising88 says:


  8. babiegirl1987 says:

    I just bought this notebook today and I love it, except it comes with windows 7 Starter which is pretty much uncustomisable and I hated it. I upgraded to Home premium and now it works perfectly and I can change the wallpaper and sounds etc according to the way I want.

  9. Crazee108 says:

    This is exactly what i want – I loved the n150, except I didn’t like the glossy finish on the lid, thank god it’s matt now! <3

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