Samsung N140 Netbook Windows seven Check (En)

Samsung N140 Netbook Windows 7 Test (En) – Samsung Netbook tested with Counterstrike, Youtube HD, 1080p, 720p, Photoshop and the Screen angle and Brightness. Atom N270, 1GB RAM , 160GB HDD and the Price is 349 Euro with a 6 Cell Battery that lasts up to 12 Hours in Idle Mode.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Samsung Netbook with N475 Atom, 2GB DDR3 RAM and a Price of sub 400 Dollar. 10.1 Inch screen.

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28 comments on “Samsung N140 Netbook Windows seven Check (En)
  1. Coolapple348 says:

    is it slow with windows 7 because i have windows 7 starter version and i want to upgrade it so is it fast or slow

  2. Coolapple348 says:

    its a 32bit

  3. alnizak100 says:

    Is the samsung n140 a 32bit or a 64bit???

  4. 123tutorials123 says:

    I want to buy one Netbook , i found one : Acer Aspire One D257
    It has 500 GB , 1.66 GHZ , HD Vga card… Can NetBook really be that strong ?
    Then i saw 1 video on youtube and some guy says netbooks go 4 – 80 GB HDD…
    I wanna know is that try ?

  5. TIMOMUKKY says:

    Hi ! How he copes with the stream HD 1080p on youtube?

  6. oneangrybride says:

    stop asking stupid questions

  7. childrey says:

    FYI – the photoshop problem – you need to press space bar to get out of pan mode. Sometmies it sticks like that.

  8. volure1 says:

    intel N270 is old intel atom processor you need the new intel atom N450 with hyper threading or the N470.

  9. spyhunter2010 says:

    it would be good if u had a webcam on your netbook so that if u wanted to make videos faster it would be hooked up right to youtube

  10. weejasonlnr says:

    n130 or n140 wats better i might buy n130 mostly cuz its white can u get n140 white

  11. wasitrealy says:

    Haha, I brought the exact same netbook 😛 its BRILLIANT with windows 7 (My Opinion)

  12. DanFerret says:

    Did you install a full version of Windows 7 or is this the Starter edition?

  13. jackyirishboy says:

    Can someone tell me if Windows 7 starter comes with word? or any word processor?

  14. maczekk says:

    someone`ve played lineage 2 on this netbook ?

  15. gangstahackerx says:

    does this have windows 7 ultimate ?
    and if so what is the boot time and peformance? will it be as fast as xp?


  16. Noobsubs says:

    While netbooks might not be meant for gaming, I decided to see if it could still run video games.
    Ran so far:
    Guild Wars – good
    World of Warcraft – 35 fps low settings (wtf!) slower in cities
    Starcraft (duh)
    Diablo 2 – good
    Sim City 3000 – good
    Warcraftn3 + Frozen throne – good

    Video settings will have to be low, and my n130 also is running these games with being upgraded to 2gb of ram.

  17. Nprince says:

    N140 betta
    nd also can be upgraded to 2gb

  18. LedellzProductionz says:

    netbooks arent met for gaming noob

  19. Prudgt says:

    itunes will work well on this kind of netbook right?

  20. VYZH says:

    You can upgrade the Samsung’s ram too.
    I even saw, a video on youtube how to do this…

    And I think Samsung is better…

  21. JJ121993 says:

    will world of warcraft work on this model?

  22. tombelcher7 says:

    By the way you might be able to fix the Adobe PS CS4 problem by holding down ALT-CTRL-SHIFT until the PS CS4 blue splash screen appears and then click yes to deleting the preferences file as this is what cause the occasional glitches.

  23. GeneticRealityFilms says:

    go to your desktop RIP the ISO file from the disk with some software and then copy that rippied ISO over to a flash drive and then move the Rip to your netbook then mount the ripped ISO with daemontools lite. Or buy an external USB DVD disk drive

  24. melina006 says:

    hi..which one would you choose between this netbook and the toshiba nb200/205..this samsung is much more cheaper and newer but the it only come with 1gb ram and atom270

    while toshiba is atom n280, and ram can be upgrade to 2gb..and I think the touchpad is more usable than samsung (i assume, never really get near to samsung n140)

    i’m really torn, please help me

  25. delta9cbd says:

    Plug in a USB CD-ROM.

  26. Thecorrupation says:

    i agree, my friend got this laptop, and i liked it, sadly i bought a hp for my self, i woud save over 100 euros…i need to be smarter lol

  27. angeline312 says:

    i want one

  28. richgayon says:

    oo nga maganda talaga ung design nia gabi gabi nalang nga pinapangarap ko yan

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