Samsung Chromebook Series five Official Demo

Permission to use granted by Samsung Germany – Verify out the official demonstration and overview of the new Samsung Chromebook Series five working Chrome OS.
Video Rating: four / 5

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17 comments on “Samsung Chromebook Series five Official Demo
  1. khoraski says:

    I suppose you do not own a DVD player, because your PC plays DVDs.
    I suppose you do not own a music device, because your PC plays music.
    I suppose you do not own any gaming consoles, because your PC plays games.
    If you own any of these, you’re a hypocrite.

  2. skimowhite586 says:

    Wow just buy a Windows 8 tablet Pro this thing is just wow 1400 dollars for this piece of crap no offense to anyone who likes school but this thing is not worth buying for 1400 dollars

  3. El Yamdroid says:

    this is the same idea i have and im like you im looking for something else to do with this OS i ask and ask and ask and no answer

  4. s7d4m3t0n says:

    Best comment ever?

  5. SlayerProRR says:

    Just internet??? Boring!

  6. wolf5659 says:

    Just making things clearer for retards… governments won’t force you to buy this machine or implement them in your assholes. I personally don’t like the chromebook and I think a tablet can do more so I won’t buy them, that doesn’t mean people who buy them are doing anything wrong. I would rather buy this chrome book than buy a macbook air, a pricey piece of technology that can do nothing but browse the internet ON CHROME… Just saying…

  7. wolf5659 says:

    Do you mean you need a tablet?… you can get an Apple tablet, an android tablet and a windows tablet… All CHEAPER, LIGHTER and SMALLER… and can DO MORE… Just saying, in case you aren’t one of those internet, lonely kids who just want to argue…

  8. 109Rage says:

    Pretty much a tablet in the shape of a computer, as i’ve heard..

  9. wotwot995 says:

    everyone who is complaining about not being able to install programs on it, just install a new os on it if you really want

  10. koltonlmccall says:

    Well I want this computer strictly for work and school no fun and games if you want a laptop for games this isn’t the laptop for you sorry.

  11. Greene Blob says:

    Buy a Mac… or buy 5 Chromebooks. Same price

  12. Patricia Capistrano says:

    So I can’t install programs in it? Like adobe, etc? :/

  13. Pancreatitis says:

    lol what a waste of money

  14. William Orozco says:

    My school uses this computer

  15. Dot Matirx says:

    I need help I just mine yesterday I wanna put my music of it but it keeps sating something that I have to dwonload the player and it has different kinds

  16. NG CHEE WEI says:

    but it’s not a full laptop, probably can’t compare like this 😛

  17. Taiiwo Llort says:

    Chromebooks are cheaper than most laptops. About £250 for a single core 1.66GHz and a SSD.

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