jkOnTheRun- Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbook

James Kendrick of jkOnTheRun displays us one particular of the newest netbooks, the Lenovo IdeaPad S10. The S10 is a 10-inch netbook running the Intel Atom processor, 1 GB of RAM, 160 GB HDD and has a multi-touch touchpad. James shows us everything about the S10 and demonstrates how the multi-touch performs. Appreciate the show.

Possessing a tough time deciding amongst a netbook and a tablet? Chris Hardwick and Kevin Pereira hope to make things simpler for you with their review of the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t, a Windows 7 laptop with 250 gig difficult drive that turns into a tablet. For more from Gadget Pr0n, go right here: g4tv.com

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32 comments on “jkOnTheRun- Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbook
  1. pecavuk says:

    This guy sounds like he’s high…but nice review though.

  2. hillrames says:

    dose anyone think this guy is a total space case
    seriuos i mean what the fuck

  3. TheBlitz1 says:


  4. TheBlitz1 says:

    Not that i know of.

  5. flyingjoed says:

    Is there an express card that you can put your own sim card in and it act as an antenna for GPRS?

  6. laric2 says:

    i have this notebook

  7. andyrooml says:

    ya i kinda have taken a liking to the lenovo to, but actually the more i look at the new msi wind the more i want that, and it seems pretty fairly priced as well

  8. realredfox says:

    it has 1024*576 true 16:9 ratio resolution…

  9. kudude12many says:

    I wish I could have got a white one….

  10. smallbuttfirm says:

    A good if slow review.

  11. andyrooml says:

    Lenovo s10, HP 1000, Samsung NC10, Acer Aspire One, Asus Eee, MSI Wind or Dell Inspiron Mini? Cant Decide.

  12. ScottLewisNJ says:

    ASUS 1000HA BEST

  13. JaBunGa23 says:

    it think u can eliminate the aspire one and the hp

  14. JaBunGa23 says:

    yeah it does have wifi but with the aircard he can get internet wherever he is

  15. fa6i3n says:

    I’m sorry. I cannot understand this comment. I have ordered it with the 6 cell 2 days ago and my friend has it with a 6 cell Battery for about one week… Please check first before posting a comparable comment. But as I said in an other comment: I don’t know what is going on over the whole world…

  16. jampackedjames says:

    You used an Aircard…doesn’t it have wi-fi receiver built in?

  17. gomczx11 says:

    not yet lenovo, wait until windows 8 comes, i dont think w7 would be that good with touchscreen

  18. StartedTheFire says:

    the only problem is with the OS. install linux and get a stylus.

  19. mechan9 says:

    Holy shit these guys are annoying.

  20. 1231jonnys says:

    It can be controlled with laptop mouse? pls advise me

  21. arqdannie says:

    loved the Frank Lloyd Wright Reference

  22. newellh says:

    basically  its a great tablet but windows 7 is shit

  23. jagjagin says:

    these fags are obviously drunk on Apple’s iPad cum.

  24. TheAvery86 says:

    I tried it and loved it!

  25. jdmaltezza says:

    I think this is a good review. My problem is that this isnt a hybrid tablet, tablets have been around for a long time. I have owned devices such as this for about 5 years now. Sorry AOTS iPad isnt even close to the first tablet. So technically the iPad is the hybrid tablet.

  26. ilanchico says:

    go see jess andersons videos. This computer is not optimized or set up properly

    I personaly baught a lenovo after watching jess’s video and did what he said and it runs super smooth and amazing. If you have some questions ask me. Also I have used an ipad extensively and they are both completely different products used for different things. If i wanted a device stricly for watching videos and surfing the web and slight other things I would go for the ipad otherwise i like this more

  27. audadvnc says:

    Problem #1: Windoze. Why is MS still in business with such a bloated, incongruous, poorly executed OS?

  28. chimera15 says:

    Why does this channel have 14k subscribers, yet the average video only has 500 views.

  29. ceez561 says:


  30. jiraiya720 says:

    wats with quality

  31. jonwilliams16 says:

    whats with the disintegrating carpet into the computer? haha

  32. IBeCeRTiiFieD says:

    LOL, no…

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