Saving Savvy With Dr. Mike: HP Mini SSD Upgrade

Love your mini but hate that tiny SSD drive? This video will show you how I upgraded my Mini to a spacious 32 GB SSD.
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Hp mini 210 ram installation guide

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37 comments on “Saving Savvy With Dr. Mike: HP Mini SSD Upgrade
  1. curemymind says:

    Why didn’t you just clone the hard drive to the ssd? It would of been quicker… Those zif to usb are a lot cheaper on ebay then an external cd or dvd rom… Well luck me i have zif to usb and external dvd rom :)… But for those that do not have money just google “free hdd” You should find some, i know i did… And away you go.. Unless you don’t know how to use the program then get the money to buy an external cd or dvd rom and re-install the os… ­čśÉ Good luck´╗┐ :)…

  2. wak1967 says:

    Thanks for the info. Going to now upgrade my HP´╗┐ mini 1000.

  3. shogrran says:

    Technology moved so fast that by the time I read petsoukos post and your reply… the 32GB drive is now no longer half the price of the actuall netbook. Making´╗┐ it a good value to upgrade again. :)

  4. katana15115 says:

    i have the 16gb version but i will´╗┐ update soon, but i have a problem with the web cam i cant find any driver for her, any help?

  5. Drmikekuna says:

    thank you!´╗┐

  6. activemp1 says:

    Thanks for the excellent video. Some updates: AMP now has nicer labels and packaging, and more important they´╗┐ now include the tiny philips screwdriver and an installation guide with the drive.

  7. Mandilore says:

    Do´╗┐ you know the size of the screw? They are VERY small! Having the size of the screw normally helps.

  8. Drmikekuna says:

    I would try´╗┐ your local hardware store first. If you are out of luck there you can always try a computer store or HP. Good luck.

  9. Mandilore says:

    Hey, I lost 2 screws by mistake for that computer. Do you know where i can purchase those screws for it? ´╗┐

  10. petsoukos says:

    I agree, we should not just buy the new model as soon as it comes out. I was just mentioning´╗┐ the fact that the drive is half the price (even today’s prices) of your netbook. At least in Europe.

    I’m searching the net for something like this for my own Acer Aspire One netbook that came with a slow 8GB SSD. Like you I’m not just throwing it away to get a newer with bigger space. ­čśë

  11. Drmikekuna says:

    This video was done a´╗┐ while back…technology moves fast. Of course, there is something to be said about continuing to use something as opposed to dumping it into a landfill… :)

  12. petsoukos says:

    hm… the 32GB drive is half the price of the actually´╗┐ netbook. Getting a new netbook with a big drive pre-installed is a better and cheaper solution IMO. :)

  13. Drmikekuna says:

    I have not tried my´╗┐ HP with Win7, sorry.

  14. nukeistheone says:

    does it match with Windows 7 if i change the HDD to 128 Gb SSD from Buffalo or Runcore??? my Toshiba HDD on my HP Mini 1000 was dead 3 days ago…thanks for´╗┐ your thoughts…so helpful!

  15. zhuk123 says:

    thanks a lot, man! really helpful´╗┐ video!)

  16. Drmikekuna says:


  17. brianmcmullen1 says:

    keep in mind that there’s no security when using FAT32´╗┐

  18. Drmikekuna says:

    Hi, The 1000 series came in a variety of configurations. Mine came with only an 8 GB SSD which is why upgrading to a 32 GB drive made my little mini much more useful. . If you already have a 60 GB´╗┐ drive this video would not apply to you.

  19. buddah0420 says:

    Am lost i have a hp mini 1000 model #1151NR i thought´╗┐ it has a 60 GB hard drive???? what is he talkin about?

  20. Drmikekuna says:

    Upgraded to 32 gb,´╗┐ yes it was worth it

  21. marcoslee2 says:

    I thought Windows 7 would only install on NTFS. Am I wrong? Thanks for the´╗┐ video. It helped me decide to buy the SSD.

  22. Drmikekuna says:

    For some´╗┐ reason the computer would run very slow with NTFS. Using FAT32 it is quite speedy.

  23. marcoslee2 says:

    I saw your comment about using FAT32 versus NTFS.´╗┐ What was the problem with NTFS?

  24. Maydale14 says:

    Hey I want to do the installation but I am deaf.. so I would appeciate the owner of this video email me the installation in WORDS because like you said, it is at my own risk…´╗┐ so I am asking you for your help, so help me?

  25. Drmikekuna says:

    my pleassure´╗┐

  26. skaterdude1998 says:


  27. 123aubey says:

    There´╗┐ is only room for one 2gb module

  28. 123aubey says:

    Like 80´╗┐ bucks I dont think its worth it ne more

  29. starwarsjazz says:

    How much´╗┐ for the ram?

  30. oxytwins says:

    Can´╗┐ i ask you about something?
    Is the data that i have before changing the RAM will be erased?
    I’m afraid if i must make a backup data before changing the RAM.

  31. francoayayay says:


    I just bought this on ebay:
    4GB Kit Memory RAM for Compaq´╗┐ HP Mini Mini 210-1010NR

    I just realized by your video I don┬┤t have space for 2 slots is this right?
    is this the right memory for my HP MINI 210 1010NR?

    thanks in advance!

  32. tim71pos says:

    Just purchased FQ858AA for $34 shipped from Amazon, seems cheaper than HP on-line. I hope it works and improves the speed of this pea-brained mini.

    Also to speed up´╗┐ the HP mini 210 kill the HP software. click on start and type in MSCONFIG, hit return, and uncheck as many HP apps as you can find from the startup, and then reboot, the CPU usage seems to fall by 50 to 80%. I checked all the .exe hp files I could find on the net and none of them clocked in as essential. So far so good.


  33. 123aubey says:

    The RAM does not speed up your computer. It is random access to memory. More RAM gives your the ability to have more programs open at the same time. If you don’t have enuff RAM your data is stored on a paging file on the hard disk ..this will cause the computer to slow down because it is trying to read and write all the time from the hard drive which is a lot slower´╗┐ than dedicated memory modules.

  34. 123aubey says:

    yea you should be able to do a system repair by pressing´╗┐ F11@mnv36

  35. 123aubey says:

    make sure the ram is pc2 6400.. @niasharma ´╗┐

  36. mnv36 says:

    hi. i have this same netbook but its having problems. i can use quickwebs things but can’t actually load into windows 7 starter.´╗┐ is there a way to reboot my laptop under such conditions? thank you

  37. gt5profan says:

    how that cost please answer´╗┐

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