HP Mini ten” 210-1010NR

This is a somewhat in depth description and demonstration of the HP Mini ten” 210-1010NR netbook. If you are pondering about getting 1, view this video to have a common thought of what is coming your way ! I advocate it for a great travel personal computer (which was the notion of it anyways) :)

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6 comments on “HP Mini ten” 210-1010NR
  1. blindbilly1123 says:

    ok no offence dude but when u went to show the transformers movie i noticed that u had alot of stuff on there like u said it has only 1gb so i think the problem ur having with all ur programs opening slow would be the amount of content on the computer by the way to people who dont want to do the hole paying to upgrade ur memory i would highly suggest that u just run to ur local wal mart or staples and pick up a cheap flash drive u can store shit and it want cost u much at all

  2. onlinegamer26 says:

    can u play 3d games with it
    please reply

  3. kenkosh3 says:

    Yeah brother, they can… with some type of messenger service like yahoo, aim, icq, msn (windows live messenger), skype…etc :) There is a small mic next to the webcam. :)

  4. TheBoozer45 says:

    I’m going to get one and one quesion can people talk to people through the web cam

  5. kenkosh3 says:

    Yeah, It only comes with 1GB of memory, it’s not too bad though. What’s kinda of hard is the low memory on the video chip… it makes the videos somewhat choppy :/

  6. gummy237 says:

    i might get one!! 😀 ay did u say it has 1gb of ram???

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