Hp mini operating Last Lower Pro! osx hackintosh

A video of my hp mini 1010nr triple booting windows xp, mac osx ten.5.eight, and ubuntu studio. But wait, there is much more! I efficiently installed and run Final Cut Studio 3! For a full how-to, pay a visit to : disturbingnewtrend.blogspot.com

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3 comments on “Hp mini operating Last Lower Pro! osx hackintosh
  1. mjsiebolt says:

    okay but how did you get it to boot I installed Mac OSX on a MDG Computer and it will boot off the cd and install fine but after that it says operating system missing

  2. proplugins says:

    This is amazing !!, how good or bad does the final cut pro works on this PC ??
    does it freezes sometimes or is stable ???
    I would really appreciatte anything you can tell me friend

  3. ImAwesomeProductions says:

    You should get Lion on the day it comes out, first hackint0sh with 10.7.

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