HP Mini 5101 Netbook

HP Mini 5101 Netbook

HP’s new metallic netbook is fit for business users
Video Rating: 4 / 5

HP Mini 110 Netbook

Just a simple little computer repair… As I get more machines in to fix, I’ll document a few here and there and upload the video to YouTube. It’s fairly interesting to see the variety of machines and requests that people have. This little Netbook required a simple OS reinstall after Norton had it’s way. A recommendation to anyone out there, don’t waste your money on Anti Virus programs. There’s plenty of free alternatives out there that work just as well as the paid ones, and in some cases, even better. Thanks for watching! I hope you all enjoy… Twitter: www.twitter.com Email: itsmynaturalcolour@gmail.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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35 comments on “HP Mini 5101 Netbook
  1. VoogSnokz says:

    lol my School has these´╗┐ ­čśŤ

  2. Dudisaur says:

    he’s spitting on the mic again´╗┐

  3. wizard7132 says:

    Good disclaimer announcer. Slow´╗┐ down.

  4. Sander Van marle says:

    acer sux.´╗┐

  5. dragonmustard2 says:

    They already have netbooks with an Atom processor along with a SSD. Im saying´╗┐ that its the only one in the category because of its size.

  6. newtubetubetube says:

    Yeah every´╗┐ thing from APPLE is in a different category! Think different. Worship Jobs.

    The Atom is, per watt, more powerful then the Core2. The Atom is a better choice for all the macbook air. 5-7 hours of apple marketing run time is worthless for a all-day unplugged netbook. If they would have gone with the Atom along with the SSD already in place they could have got 12 hours of real use out of it. That would have be amazing. That would truly be in it own fucking category.

  7. dragonmustard2 says:

    It is you who is misinformed. The Atom is a weaker processor, sure you may get more battery life out of it but at what cost. Come on, besides 5/7 hours is perfectly acceptable, have you seen the HP laptops with 5 hours. The Macbook Air is in a different category than a netbook. The Macbook pro is very´╗┐ thin unlike the netbooks on the market.
    You should know that the Core 2 Duo has more power than the Atom.

  8. newtubetubetube says:

    So that it can be use through the day without carrying a power adapter. The Air is not so thin and light when you have to carry all the acompagning laptop gears…

    The Atom is not a´╗┐ crappy cpu. Its perfect for netbook. And yes, the macbook air is noting more then a netbook with low battery life. Anyone doing serious work on laptop would get the regular macbook or the macbook pro.

    It is you that is misinformed and don’t go further then accept Apple’s marketing as fact.

  9. dragonmustard2 says:

    I think you are truly truly misinformed about processors and probably computers in general.
    The Core 2 Duo processor is much more powerful than an Atom processor. I don’t get why you would want´╗┐ to put a crappy processor in the Air. The Atom processor is weak and would not make the Macbook Air more powerful, and besides the Macbook Air is in its own category and is already stronger than a netbook. I think you should read on Atom and C2D processors.

  10. newtubetubetube says:

    The macbook air would be amazing with´╗┐ a Atom. Right now it is merely a underpowered laptop. With a Atom cpu the macbook air would be a overpowered netbook!

  11. dragonmustard2 says:

    I don’t know what you’re saying´╗┐ but I disagree, Apple should not put an Intel Atom processor in their beast.

  12. newtubetubetube says:

    If only the stupid at Apple where to use the Atom for the´╗┐ macbook air we could get decent run time out of it.

  13. EODsplosion says:

    Who the hell isn’t quantum´╗┐ computing these days, right.

  14. dragonmustard2 says:

    The MacBook´╗┐ Air uses an SSD, ha! LMAO! It also doesn’t use an atom processor…

  15. mrsnowman102 says:

    i am´╗┐ watching the video on one

  16. nascarracer1000 says:

    awwww man´╗┐ i hate netbooks D: but they have more HD memory than Macbook Air LMAO

  17. AppleKonijntje12 says:

    its a mini probook !!´╗┐

  18. AslolAtlol505 says:

    we use that at´╗┐ school….

  19. KRCChannel says:

    Are you´╗┐ that chinese guy person off lost??

  20. geekforlifevandc says:

    nope good 13 inch is about 900minimum´╗┐

  21. ToastAndSausage says:

    then how´╗┐ about $500?

  22. geekforlifevandc says:

    u got me at 450 sorry dude no´╗┐ match

  23. Laurence Thornber says:

    its a 10.1´╗┐ inch screen

  24. DaChiefn1 says:

    Actually i just got this computer secondhand,´╗┐ that was my first mistake but i could usually reset them the way you mentioned, and can’t seem to do it probably for the reason you mentioned so you were right twice,.. good day sir

  25. TheGonzalezvalle says:

    yeah cause ur to late once u install a operainting system off a disc or a usb than that disables the recovery system on the´╗┐ computer u already screwed up the only way to re anble is to in stall the os and right click my computer and go to device maneger and click on the recovery partition and enable it but its to late for u i see

  26. DaChiefn1 says:

    that’s not working, i’m actually trying that´╗┐ right now, thats why i’m here and its vpissing me off

  27. iYoungtune says:

    How long does´╗┐ the process take after hitting enter? I’ve been reading up but after enter my screen completely turns black

  28. Andrija Subotic says:

    please please turn´╗┐ of the subtitle

  29. afzalahmed86 says:

    I have one of these for sale if anyone wants.. barely used so even the plastic´╗┐ sticker is on the top of the netbook. Mine was upgraded to 2gb RAM at the store. Message me if your interested. Only UK postage though, or pick up.

  30. TheGonzalezvalle says:

    You do know you dont need anything right? u dont need usb dvd or dc or a drive? theres a restore partion in the HDD duh every HP Comes with it easy fix just´╗┐ press F10 or F11 at HP boot up

  31. iraqdk says:

    Rapidshare´╗┐ ­čśë

  32. ladygagarocks21 says:

    He said he phoned up the lady who belongs to´╗┐ this laptop lol

  33. UltimateSoftwareINC says:

    Where do you´╗┐ get all your disks

  34. ItsVansHD says:

    my´╗┐ computer wont type or mouse wont move or click what should i Do its a Samsung netbook

  35. Lijrobert says:

    would a Sony DDU 1612 DVD-ROM Drive work with PowerMac G5 and would it even be an upgrade from the super´╗┐ drive that shipped with the first gen G5s

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