HP Mini 210

The HP Mini 210 has been redesigned. It still comes loaded with terrific processing power and in an array of fun colors — but now it also includes Beats Aud…
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HP Mini 210 Netbook Unboxing

An unboxing of the HP Mini 210 netbook. A full review to follow-up in about a week ;). Enjoy! Remember to Comment, thumbs up and subscribe! Twitter: http://t…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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41 comments on “HP Mini 210
  1. MrPikachu643 says:

    its called search it on the web like god

  2. TheGonzalezvalle says:


  3. TheGonzalezvalle says:


  4. TheGonzalezvalle says:


  5. TheGonzalezvalle says:

    No. It`s a netbook what do you expect

  6. TheGonzalezvalle says:


  7. TheGonzalezvalle says:

    You can`t get one anymore lmao HP stop selling them and you cant fuck people these days expect a little computer to run hardcore games it cant its ment to be on the internet and social life

  8. Gabriel Sanchez says:

    You could, although it depends on what games you play and what your computer requires for the game to run properly.

  9. BigDirectioner.IsThatOkWithYou? says:

    Can you play any vurtial games on it? Ima get one for christmas too but I really want to know if you can play games :} please answer

  10. TheCoolice1357 says:

    Can I play minecraft on this ? Please say yes:(

  11. TheCoolice1357 says:

    Can u play minecraft on this? Please tell me yes :(

  12. sunil nawaz says:

    can we upgrade the ram?

  13. Tech2912 says:

    I LUUUV HP!!!

  14. jedikev12 says:

    would you be able to play minecraft on this

  15. Sujan Kakumanu says:

    This is one of the only net books I would EVER consider buying.

  16. musicalsk8rgirl107 says:

    That helped a lot! thanks!

  17. marcus70040 says:

    @firestorm296 i think it’s terrible too so i’m gonna get one and then install a linux OS much more lightweight

  18. maria francesca says:

    does the basic unit [no upgrades] work fine with movie streaming?

  19. catz245 says:

    The start up could be faster, but I’m fine with it. Though the HP Quick Web is not all it’s cracked up to be. I use Google Chrome so the web is pretty fast. 

  20. rjudge21 says:

    i want one so badly!

  21. Pranav Suresh says:

    the price is still the same right?

  22. john seeger says:

    Our middle school isn’t as lucky as others. It doesn’t have enough money to have and maintain laptops for everyone.

  23. Nina Pidler says:

    The stupidity is strong in this one.

  24. gogovideo10 says:

    it can, but, why would you need a netbook for middle school?

  25. john seeger says:

    can it fit into backpacks for my middle school?

  26. TheMiranda08 says:

    Does this have a flash player ?

  27. Manen ShOtGuNhHh. says:

    kisiera adkirir una de esas

  28. Tiberiu Toca says:

    i am watching this video because i want to buy a HP mini 210-4000 PC

  29. sweatshirt029 says:

    netbooks are not powerful enough for literally anything but light web browsing. thats all they’re meant for; portable browsing. no video editing, no gaming, not even hd video can be streamed smoothly. save your money for a decent notebook. try gateway, dell, toshiba, lenovo, asus or hp.

  30. sweatshirt029 says:

    what, are you stupid? of course it can connect to wifi.

  31. sweatshirt029 says:

    ummm…like any other website? normal?

  32. TheGonzalezvalle says:

    Right now its 299$

  33. Aaron Lewis says:

    I love this computer

  34. sweatshirt029 says:

    lol a netbook would be the worst choice possible for gaming. youre not going to find a sufficient gaming computer without spending less than at least two thousand dollars. try an alienware, lenovo, or asus.

  35. Melanie Boo says:

    How does smallworlds. com look on it? :>

  36. jungyupp infed says:

    is this good for world of warcraft ??

  37. AirsoftMegaTeam says:


  38. FZDOwnaG3 says:

    Is It good for editing videos from a HD PVR????

  39. RMOLI28 says:


  40. Zachary Parker says:

    lmao seriously?

  41. Jeremy George says:

    actually it can play some rpg’s , minecraft and some older FPS’s

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