HP Mini 110 Netbook Overview

HP Mini 110 Netbook Review

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

HP Mini 110.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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38 comments on “HP Mini 110 Netbook Overview
  1. nico manipol says:

    Why your (but) is (burt)?

  2. Nicu Dan Ciontu says:

    this is made for midgets … install windows xp on it to have more battery time

  3. Jo Dave says:

    can i run the programs like vs2010 and run some programs… wana use my travel time on this piece of shit….

  4. Jo Dave says:

    mate ur english suck, jo from down under

  5. AlexIsDesu says:

    i think it adds class, like a addon to his accent. I love it. good review.

  6. tiger man says:

    haha ur english sounds very poor

  7. Absaar Hasan says:

    thanks alot brother !!!!!

  8. Hamza Khawaja says:

    Dell is programmable( it takes time but the result is better)
    HP is really good but will get slow when the hard drive is full (due to single partition)
    Acer is cheap and gets hot really easily

  9. Absaar Hasan says:

    pakistani shahzaday kamal video ha !!! yaar yeh tou btao ke dell , acer aur hp me se behtar koun se ha !!!!!!

  10. tranceofdeath says:

    Everytime I call customer support I think you answer. Example “What is your problemi sir?” “My computer won’t turn on” “I’m sorry but I don’t know what to tell you “hangup” Me “dammit” “Or how do I reboot my computer?” “Turn it off and then back on?” “No Reboot”” What I don’t understand I’m sorry” “Maybe you need to clear the hardrive?” ” Me Fuck this” hangup

  11. FragBase says:

    -__- i don’t get it.

  12. Nitish Gupta says:

    i am an Indian..i should be offended…but well said bro..laughed my head off….

  13. xpcarlo1 says:

    una pregunta: por que se me quedan pegado los videos de youtube o cuando descargo??? y tambien me pasa lo mismo en los juegos y noce? tambien ya la formate y no paso nada u.u, que podria hacer?

  14. bommelgamer says:

    can i play games as league of legends, WoW or Sims on it?

  15. HeroSavage says:

    Thank you for calling customer support in middle of fucking now-where india, how may I assist you?

  16. 121Stefany says:

    No me gusta ._. ME ENCANTA! *-*

  17. Dalton Owens says:

    does it load videos well

  18. tisoy909 . says:

    Are you da seksi man?

  19. MegaOddboy says:

    so now im your best friend

  20. johnnomonster says:

    That is a nice netbook. Might buy.I know a tablet and a netbook are different thigns but shall I buy this or and iPad?

  21. chiloness says:

    you sound like manny paciau lol

  22. Anurag Ganguly says:

    hey, he’s frm multan :)

  23. rawrmeaniluvu14dino says:

    at first i wasn’t paying attention so when the music started playing i was laughing cuz i thought his phone went off during recording! LOL like this comment if that happened 2 you

  24. MsRosepose says:

    No offence but this NETBOOK NOT COMPUTER is amazng… I kno ur voicing ur opinion and oviously his vioce IS real! Lets see you being brave by putting one of these on!

  25. djfine100 says:

    Nice netbook, i manage to play games on it but it’s kinda slow after a while. Forget about inserting cds or dvds lol But it’s pretty cool has dual software regular windows 7 and Linux so we cant complain.

  26. CenuPwny says:

    OMG, it’s Dan from PlayValue!!!
    I’d recognize him anywhere!

  27. MisterBaseball200 says:

    I’ve had the HP Mini 110 since Christmas of 2009. Hasn’t failed me yet.

  28. justine cordero says:

    fuck you cnet

  29. DerTeufelMann says:

    Yeah, I agree… shite review.

  30. blancalouise says:

    I have it. It’s okay i gues… sadly you can’t play games on it. :(

  31. demonsparkx says:

    lol never really trust there reviews

  32. HeroSavage says:

    Haha, thats exactly what I was gonna say… CNET AAAASSSSSSHOOOOOOOLEEEEE!!!!

  33. SqwishSqwash says:

    the 1000 is better

  34. Xcorgi says:

    How about you guys get out of 2009 and review the actual NEW HP Mini 110 from 2011? It does NOT have the left and right buttons on the track pad! You dont even list the tech specs of this book. What the hell? Why should anyone take your idiotic word on whats good or bad for ANY computer when you cant even go over the basics? Hell, here are 12yr old kids here on youtube giving better reviews than you assholes!

  35. Hung Nguyen says:


  36. TheMediaMasters says:

    HA, I just got the new model with intel atom N550 dual core & 3gig ram and shit lload of stuff and its only available in the UK!!!!!!!

  37. SunnySamantha1998 says:

    r u gay?

  38. riki2cool says:

    @cartwein That’s right! For the amazing of only 200 Dollars, you can get a brand new HP Mini 110 laptop!
    And for every order, we include 10 bags of weed! (NOTE: ONLY ONE LAPTOP PER UNIVERSE)

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