Globe of Warcraft On a HP Mini

This is WOW played on a HP Mini 110 Atom 1.6 160 Gig Difficult Drive and two Gigs of ram. Recorded in 720P.
Video Rating: five / five

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20 comments on “Globe of Warcraft On a HP Mini
  1. evantaur says:

    old areas maybe, new ones hell no

  2. Milija T says:

    does WoW work on 1 giga ram?

  3. jungyupp infed says:

    does mist of panderia worcks in thi s netbook or cataclysm ??

  4. Andres4804 says:

    But having the windows 7 or seize installed the xp?

  5. TheSrtrueno says:

    could you pass me the installer I have the same laptop

  6. Allen Barnett says:

    2gb of ram wont make much of a difference, this isn’t a gaming laptop, the 1.6ghz Intel atom is just to weak for most games, Hell its just good enough for 720p youtube videos, 80% CPU usage when watching.

  7. xpcarlo1 says:

    tengo el mismo computado con el juego y se me ve muy pegado, que ago para arreglarlo? y para k me ande asi de rapido como el tuyo

  8. Metallica4everist says:

    buy 2 gigabyte ram

  9. fireshshadow92 says:

    ok i have the same computer and same ram well 1g but its laggy as hell..i mean in dead zones i get max 13 fps and with a clutter of people i get max of 6 fps how do i get it to run better?

  10. fireshshadow92 says:

    same hear

  11. Witching Hour says:

    What settings is it on?

  12. godpower74 says:

    was wondering if you could play total war shogun 2 on mini laptop?or any other total war game.

  13. gt5profan says:

    i have one to its very nice but cant play the best free online games like :battlefield heroes nfs world and minecraft

  14. tracy boyd says:

    what really last night i try to play it and when i was installing it said my system did not meet the requrment due to ram and i have one gig and it is the same computer that you have

  15. David Chute says:

    running on Windows or Linux?

  16. mastax1234 says:

    have you ever cosidered overclocking it? this can give you a real fps boost

  17. Chase McInnes says:

    How are you playing wow are you on a private server or u useing a external dvd-rom drive or what?

  18. oWESC says:

    so where do u go to turn ur settings low so it can work good

  19. SuperHazard2 says:

    you could even play with 512 mb,but it gets super laggy

  20. xianlee says:

    if anyone else is wondering this, it is possible to heal in heroics in wrath 😛 i done strat so far had to look at the ground couple of times to get smooth fps from the amount of mobs but doable none the less, even managed to do the zombiefest achievement.

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