Evaluation: HP Mini 110 (USA) / HP Mini 1100 (Canada) Netbook

www.digitalhomethoughts.com Want to buy one? Prices start at 9 USD from HP.com. Click here tinyurl.com [Affiliate] This is an review video of the HP Mini 110 XP Edition, running Windows XP SP3. This netbook is a second-generation unit, following on the heels of the HP Mini 1000 released in 2008. The HP Mini 110 that I’m looking at features a 1.6 Ghz Atom N270 processor, 1 GB of DDR2 RAM (upgradeable to 2 GB), a 160 GB 5400 RPM hard drive, integrated 802.11b/g WiFI, and a 10.1 inch LED Anti-glare (matte) 16:9 aspect-ratio widescreen at 1024 x 576 resolution, driven by an Intel GMA950 graphics processor. There’s a webcam of unknown resolution (likely VGA), and the finish is “Black Swirl”. “White Swirl” and “Pink Swirl” are also available. There is no CD/DVD drive, and the version I’m looking at has a 3 cell battery. Please subscribe, rate, and comment. Thanks! Distributed by Tubemogul.

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13 comments on “Evaluation: HP Mini 110 (USA) / HP Mini 1100 (Canada) Netbook
  1. 55EPICMAN says:

    i have the hp g62 its very good and i subscribed

    amzaing video :)

  2. sowninchrist says:

    is there any way I can do a factory reset on this mini? I bought from a friend and I wanted to reset everything! I am a bit ignorant about these things but I do know every method I have use on my notebook to reset is not working on this! HELP! (I will also note that I did not receive any restore discs of the sort so what would my options be that is FREE on my end! LOL

  3. nomadnametab says:

    question for someone who is a pro and not a highschool kid in the local walmart; i have a mini 210-101ONR. can this thing hold picasa and not have it fill up the memory? i have about 110 g left after all the essential junk has been installed. thanks.

  4. needforspeed566 says:

    bro does you netbook came with xp preinstalled. if not how did you install xp in it. please respond thank you

  5. rashid albitar says:

    I am watching this with the same netbook.lol

  6. cabolhas86 says:

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  7. Johnny007Master says:


  8. IMunchDiiamondzz says:

    Im getting this HP mini 110 and the left and right clicks are the same as any other laptops (windows 7)

  9. watchupclose says:

    Can I install Microsoft Access and Excel in this netbook and use it? thanks

  10. calito0010 says:

    Is equipped w/ windows 7, for 279 here, I’ll buy it.

  11. ThoughtsMedia says:

    The current generation is still called the HP Mini 110. HP also has the 210 and the dm1z (which I highly recommend). You can get this information from the HP Web site.
    – Jason

  12. spiderrider23 says:

    do u know what the product line of this is? please anyone answer its really important

  13. Zerusuke says:

    It is mainly about both screen size and GPU (not much cpu).
    As you imagine, it comes with a lame GPU, trust me, I work at HP myself and I get this one cheap as fuck.

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