2013 BMW 114d and Other Forthcoming Cars!

2013 BMW 114d and Other Upcoming Cars!
The engine featured in the BMW M135i xDrive ensures an exceptionally high level of dynamics, traction and stability, which gives an output of 235 kW/320 hp straight six-cylinder petrol. … Its efficiency figures are still good, thanks to a six-speed …
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1994-2013 Ram 1500 – Then and Now
But a little less than two decades ago, the 1994 Ram also made a big impression on journalists and the motoring public for its bold mini-big-rig look. Although many considered the styling … The base V-6 at the time was a 3.9-liter producing 175 hp …
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New Cars for 2013: Mini
It will have an estimated 210 horsepower, no rear seat, an adjustable suspension, stouter brakes, and an aero kit. The GP serves as an early send-off of sorts, as the regular Mini Cooper is scheduled to be replaced for 2014; the new car will share a …
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