asus eepc 1011 1015 led and keyboard substitute howto

This video shows how you can replace the LED of your 10″ asus EEPC 1011,1015 netbook. The procedure is same for almost all eepc netbooks by asus. Do watch th…
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En este video mustro como rapidamente desmontar hd de una latop mini Asus.
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3 comments on “asus eepc 1011 1015 led and keyboard substitute howto
  1. Abdelali KHMISSOU says:

    thank you

  2. DeathlyHall0w says:

    wow how did u find out u could do that or did u just get lucky? would it work on my 1015pn?

  3. sirial w says:

    How do you separate the keyboard from the frame? I bought a replacement keyboard for my Eee PC 1015t

    The keyboard comes off with the power buttons

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