Asus EEE PC X101 operating Windows 7

This video demonstrates my new Asus EEE PC X101 running a trimmed edition of Windows 7 (accomplished with RT Se7en Lite). The screen shots demonstrate the following: -Windows …

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18 comments on “Asus EEE PC X101 operating Windows 7
  1. myocardialinfarctio says:

    I personally use it for reading news, forums, emails etc, Skype,Google Drive to keep my PC and netbook synchronized. I just bought a Nexus 7, but I still think it’s nicer to have a real keyboard to write messages and forum posts etc. I love the small size and light weight when traveling. The netbook does not play HD videos smoothly, so that would be a no. All other video playback works fine. I am still very happy with this little gadget :-)

  2. ManuelDr says:

    So what do you personally use this for? How’s YouTube playback? HD playback?

  3. Jake Tadifa says:

    why bluetooth doesnt work?

  4. eaglemodz says:


  5. 99donut99 says:

    Can u play minecraft in this pc?????pleeeaaaase reply!!!

  6. Noel Jobs says:

    How Many GB Nerds Windows 7 ?!

  7. woodshop97 says:

    No, it runs 1.33 Ghz N435, which has 1 core and 2 threads (basically underclocked N450/N455)

  8. mizvideo says:

    How do you install Windows 7

  9. Mondi Bonanza says:

    how to boot from external cd ?

  10. SirRandomDX says:


  11. soverflow says:

    X101 runs on atom n570 right? How come it only has 2 thread?

  12. Denis Josimar says:

    Hey ARE graphics powerful enough for the AEROTHEME, or do you have your settings on POWER SAVER?

  13. myocardialinfarctio says:

    Windows Update installed the correct graphics card driver and a new wireless lan driver. I installed the two things mentioned in the video description to get all the keyboard hot keys to work and additional touch pad features.

  14. myocardialinfarctio says:

    as i said, win7 is the most battery friendly OS there is. I get 5 hours out of it with normal surfing and IM like Skype. i can only recommend

  15. myocardialinfarctio says:

    yes its completely in the case.looks very nice, dont worry :)

  16. myocardialinfarctio says:

    hey I didnt know how to help you until this week. I reinstalled win7 and got the same error as you.all you have to do is remove the battery for a few minutes and try again. that fixed it for me and i could install win7 again

  17. castout85 says:

    need to find a way to maximize battery life and reduce heat on bottom. either by underclocking the cpu or another OS. perhaps its a futile effort

  18. dragonATwar92 says:

    Is the SD Card completly in the case? I hate it, when it isn’t looking good 😀

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