Asus Eee PC T101MT – Disassembly / Teardown – Hdd Replacement

Asus Eee PC T101MT – Disassembly How to change the HDD or Bluetooth. Everything you wanted to know about the ASUS Eee PC T101 MT netvertible or netbook that converts to a tablet. Sascha Pallenberg un…
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33 comments on “Asus Eee PC T101MT – Disassembly / Teardown – Hdd Replacement
  1. DerOlleSchwoebel says:

    I find this difficult to masturbate to.

  2. Заур Хайрулаев says:

    Thank you man. It realy helps me/

  3. 5cyp43r says:

    good video, but why do you put little screws on the edge of the table?

  4. MrJoecoolsvette says:

    Raincatchfire, it is people like yourself that make me wonder how the human race goes on.
    RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE, and you don’t see what is happening!!

    Don’t NEED no stinking words.

    Back magically popped off my ass.

    Excellent video rarspace01!!
    You did scare me a little with the way your were handling the flat tip, but looks like it came out alright. No damage done.

    I’d suggest a Spudger Tool next time.

  5. MeelooMilou says:

    Thanks a lot for your video. this really helped me.

  6. rarspace01 says:

    Yes its a Crucial SSD M4 with 128GB (fits perfectly), i also had the Samsung 830 series in it.

  7. TheTsquare323 says:

    Thanks for posting, this helped alot.  (Although I think its OK to use a magnetic screwdriver)

  8. 17ellevehc says:

    Great video. I saw that you had a Crucial drive. I recently ordered this Asus and was wanting to swap out my Crucial SSD M4 out of my Toshiba NB305 netbook into this Asus. Is this the same drive that you have? I just want to make sure it will fit dimensionally. If it fits, it should just run right up? Or do you think I would have to make changes within files in the drive?

  9. thomasshortallwork says:

    You saved my daughter’s Christmas. She asked Santa for one of these laptops and the only one he could get was one with a broken hinge. Following your video he could open the laptop and fix the hinge. Your an angel!

  10. rarspace01 says:

    can you quote the minute where you can’t follow? maybe i can give a additional hint.
    I wasnt up for talking 25minutes while next to nothing happens ;)

  11. teh rei says:

    extremely badly, its an atom for crying out loud

  12. vrudogvk says:

    dose this netbook has wifi or no?

  13. eerrrrrrfolks says:

    how would this handle photoshop?

  14. Sean321ish says:

    Quit your bitch man….

  15. AiTemZ net says:

    toys for real men! <3

  16. c4pt1n54n0 says:

    lol they gave you a dvd for a computer that doesnt have a dvd drive

  17. kyekatastrophy says:

    they’re just stickers man o_o

  18. rafael arceo says:

    does anybody knows if it can run adobe lightroom? thanks!

  19. Виктор Баев says:


  20. Bonznumber1 says:

    HELP i desperate i really need someone who is really nice that can make a copy of the recovery partition for me… i had my HDD fail and now i want to get back to what i had. Just installing any old copy of windows and Downloading all the software from ASUS doesn’t cut it, things like the screen rotate button don’t work now…. send me a message if you can help

  21. Joshua Agu says:


  22. Rage123m says:

    can u even draw with this ASUS T101MT ??? if so can some one tell me plz…

  23. MrVDawid says:

    nothing’s working smoothly wait that’s sad:/

  24. Goldman Sacks says:

    this bitch is slow as hell

  25. Robinson Desouza says:

    I don`t care about the specs of this thing. I`m only here to see the screen flip around, and he doesn`t even do that.

  26. TevDroid says:


  27. Arthur Feitosa says:

    do you sell sheep?

  28. Chioma Breezy says:

    do all versions of this netbook come with the cd

  29. tacticalking161 says:

    i the t91mt thinner than the t101mt? also, is the keyboard on the t101mt angled, and can you change the screen orientation on oth laptops in tablet mode?

  30. zunehdrocks says:

    add a broadvcom crystal hd card

  31. therealJayRoe says:

    Vegetable Lasagna anyone?

  32. ims0deranged says:

    So wait, this wont play anything HD above 720p, including youtube vids??

  33. chickenwaitwhat says:

    yo no hablo en ingles. no entiendo

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