Asus Eee PC Flare 1025C / X101CH Video Tour

A quick review of the Asus Eee PC Flare 1025C.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 comments on “Asus Eee PC Flare 1025C / X101CH Video Tour
  1. dirtycommtroop says:

    i wonder if counter strike 1.6 would play on this

  2. Airlangga Kusuma says:

    it will of course,

  3. don desi says:

    can you help me please

  4. beaglemonster says:


  5. Otimo says:

    I know this thing is not going to be a beast while gaming but will it be able to play games like minecraft on low?

  6. Ariela Tessarolo says:

    can I install win 8?

  7. LaptopReviewsDotCom says:

    No overclocking on the Atom processor that I’m aware of, nope.

  8. diomitris says:

    i can overclock this model????

  9. diomitris says:

    Hi i can Run Counter Strike:Source,Half Life 2 ep1,ep2 call of duty 4 need for speed most wanted ???????

  10. 00JY7NY says:

    how do i reinstall ? my opinions ?

  11. LaptopReviewsDotCom says:

    Not so sure about Android, but definitely win 7 hp

  12. diomitris says:

    I can install android or win 7 home premium???

  13. LaptopReviewsDotCom says:

    You can run it, but since the screen only supports 720p it’s useless to run it at any higher resolution.

  14. diomitris says:

    The X101CH Can run youtube 1080p and 720p,1080p in media player??????

  15. puggster says:

    For the price point alone, the netbook is not too shabby, its about on par as most other netbooks in its class, i have the x101ch, the only thing that bugs me is the battery life, at around 3 hrs on full brightness etc, still its light and quite sleek, the keyboard is nice too, pitty you cant upgrade the ram, but for general media consumption its fine, it can run windows 8 which is cool, im. Currently running linux, win 7 home premium, and win 8, once the bloatware is removed its quite snappy!

  16. LaptopReviewsDotCom says:

    Not terribly bad no.

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