Asus Eee PC 1215B RAM and HDD Upgrade Help – Asus Eee PC 1215B Netbook tutorial on how to upgrade the ram and hdd. Its tricky and the maximum amount for RAM ist 2x4gb ddr3 sodimm.
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25 comments on “Asus Eee PC 1215B RAM and HDD Upgrade Help
  1. Stephan Schultes says:

    dein english ist scheisse xD

  2. shagster007 says:

    Some sites say the max is 4gb and others say 8gb ram. Which is it?

  3. hornistsnest says:

    @GarbageState No tape drive no deal! Also, it’d better have MS-DOS 1.

  4. slitherixxx says:

    does your 1215B not work with 2 x 4 gb ram ?

  5. Jiacheng Khoo says:

    Just tested, works with 8GB just fine. That’s the problem with Asus sites,
    they only list the specs the product come with and not how much it supports.

  6. koiril says:

    @NVMDSTEvil Yeah, found that out a couple days ago. So, if you had a 64-bit
    OS on hear you could potentially hit 8GB of ram?

  7. XacTactX says:

    Hi there, I used your guide to replace the HDD on my 1215B, but I have a
    problem with the palm rest. Now that I am have put it back together, there
    is a small gap between the palm rest and the chassis. I used a credit card
    like you suggested. Did you have a small gap in your netbook? If so, how
    did you fix it? Thank you, this video was very helpful. :)

  8. Pelle Svanslös says:

    Is it possible to put in a better graphics card?

  9. Argel Cabalag says:

    DD3 1333 is the standard name and it’s module name is PC3-10600. :) it’s
    the same…

  10. TheTechDaddy says:

    Really, people are complaining about it not having parallel ports or a
    floppy drive? lol, what is this, 1995?

  11. Stephen M says:

    @koiril Yup. Bios may be limited to 4gb, but some users have reported that
    8gb works fine.. so only thing to do is try.

  12. Walt Dies says:

    How can I watch this walkthrough while I do this? :

  13. darkangelcl4 says:

    Koszonom a segitseget Balazs! Another video showing how to remove the
    motherboard and clean the cooling fan would also be great help.

  14. Szilárd Kökény says:

    Bocsi hogy magyarul kérdezem,de szerinted mindegyik 1215B tipusú gépben
    2x2Gb ram van? Köszi

  15. GarbageState says:

    WTF!!! you have to take it apart to replace hdd??? i miss my old POS

  16. oquilluksound says:

    I can’t pop off the plastic compartment lid that easily at all. Tryin’ to
    lift it up with a thin card or something but don’t want to damage anything.

  17. ThinkSmart says:

    thanks for the review! I am in the market for a netbook/notebook and this
    seems to be a my best bet! How long dose the battery last realistically on
    normal, every day use, word, chrome? would you recommend this pc over any
    other in the same price and screen range? thanks xD

  18. sarul98 says:

    hi i’m a new guy and want to replace hdd does the mouse pad and keyboard
    just pull of from tht asus i afriad it broken so i need more info

  19. Jonathan Dawn says:

    Hi, my 1215B comes with E-450 processor… I’m wondering can my netbook
    support a Kingston 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 SODIMM Memory? planning to
    buy one from Amazon

  20. Godlike0503 says:

    @cupcupcup1 1x2GB DDR3 ram

  21. Luchoxs says:

    Could u tell me plz,, what is the exact specification of the stock memorys
    that come with this laptop? “Asus Eee PC 1215B” i mean what is the type of
    memorys that comes with this laptop…. be very specific plz

  22. wectro says:

    Hi. Ive changed the hard drive to a new OCZ 120gb SSD. Problem is that its
    not showing up in bios or in windows installation. Bios is set to “IDE >
    AHCI” and in windows installation part I’ve tried to load a new AHCI driver
    from ASUS but it doesnt come though. I find it impossible to flash the bios
    as well without a windows installation…any help/direction? Not keen on
    installing the old drive again…

  23. GarbageState says:

    no floppy drive no deal!

  24. TheNovum says:

    Did that, put in a SSD and now its DEAD… Nothing happens just DEAD =(

  25. nelloUG says:


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