ASUS Eee Pc 1001 PDX – Review

ASUS Eee Computer 1001 PDX – Review Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Starter Show 10.1″ LED Backlight WSVGA (1024×600) Non-Glare Screen CPU Intel® Atom™ N455 Processor Memory DDR3, 1 x SO-DIMM, 1GB/2GB Storage 2.five” SATA2 160GB/250GB/320GB 5400rpm HDD Wireless Information Network WLAN 802.11 b/g/n@2.4GHz Bluetooth V2.1+EDR(Optional) Camera .three M Pixel Camera Audio Hi-Definition Audio CODEC Stereo Speakers Large High quality Mic Interface one x VGA Connector 1 x USB two. one x LAN RJ-45 one x Audio Jack (Headphone/Mic-In) one x Card Reader : SD/ SDHC/ MMC Battery four hrs* , three cell, two.2Ah/cell, 23Whr eight hrs* , six cell, 2.2Ah/cell, 48Whr *Topic to system configuration and usage. Please visit our net web page for more information. Dimensions 262 x 178 x 25.9 ~36.five mm (WxDxH) Excess weight one.27 Kgs (w/ 6cell battery) one.1 Kgs (w/ 3cell battery) Color Texture : Black, Blue, White Note *Office 2010 pre-loaded (Buy Office 2010 to activate the full-featured suite preloaded on this Pc. This Computer also contains diminished functionality versions of Word and Excel that consist of marketing Outlook and PowerPoint are not included. ) www.BN-Video Email us at
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18 comments on “ASUS Eee Pc 1001 PDX – Review
  1. KiLLzclanx says:

    in my ee pc i have my headphones in but the sound is coming out the speaker

  2. Brady736 says:

    Tandy 1000 that things a dinosaur and yes I am the 11 year old.

  3. BNGamesReviews says:

    11? Your making me feel old dude. My first computer was a Tandy 1000. Go Google search that :P. Good machine this, hope it lasts you.

  4. BNGamesReviews says:

    Humans do have fingers.

  5. NeonCrayon14 says:

    I’ve found my soul mate. This will be my first laptop and I bought it on my own (Insane because im only 11!) But I’ve heard about a Gateway Netbook at first but I believe this one will be better!

  6. Arishka550 says:


  7. BNGamesReviews says:

    Oh yea, this thing needs 2 gigs. It only supports up to 2 gigs too, on one ram strip.  The ram is cheap too, like $15, totally worth it. I doubt it will void the warranty, but id check to be sure. The ram bay is under the machine, easy to remove the cover and replace the chip.

  8. SpamBAT says:

    Did you put the extra GB in? And does that mean replacing the 1gb with a 2gb? I don’t won’t to void the warranty but I am very curious. However, I lasted two years with my Acer – I think I can last a while with this 😉 Thanks!

  9. BNGamesReviews says:

    lol no problem, the machine is good for the essentials really and not much more. I havent had any hardware issues with it thus far and ive done a bit of flying with it since this review.

  10. SpamBAT says:

    Sorry, I meant *tip. Totally thinking about that.

  11. SpamBAT says:

    I sent my Acer Aspire One Netbook in repair for the third and final time and replacing the HDD will cost more than this netbook as a replacement. BEST $99 for extended warranty I ever spent. Downside is the Acer had 3 usb ports and two memory card slots and this only has 3 USBs and 1 memory card slot – also, my acer had XP which didn’t have a minimum 1gb ram requirement so it was more capable of running more than one thing at a time. Thanks for the top about the extra GB RAM!! =D

  12. BNGamesReviews says:

    From what I could find, nothing. Alo of the models are based on their casing color/type/material. Alot of the older model 1001’s though were older slower hardware.

  13. BNGamesReviews says:

    If its panning direct right, id say you have a bad left yea.

  14. kuhydecho says:

    my speakers are heard only on the right
    this is bad? Dx

  15. LB2PT says:

    What exactly did they improve on this model from the 1001px? It seems like the only thing that has improved is the amount of hard drive space, lol does that constitute a new model? oh and adding the edition of blue to the line..

  16. malakianify says:

    wich one is the key for in to the bios?

  17. BNGamesReviews says:

    Sounds right, id say yes. Might be a different finish though. The Hardware is generally the same.

  18. tombo12233 says:

    Synnex – Eee PC 1001PXD-EU17-BK 10.1″ LED Netbook – Intel Atom N455 1.66 GHz – Black is this the same???

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