10.one” ASUS Eee Computer 1005HR Netbook Critique (1366 x 768 HD Show)

Pros and Cons of the upcoming ten.1″ ASUS Eee Computer 1005HR, the first ASUS 10-inch netbook sporting a substantial res 1366 x 768 display. Is it really worth it? Observe the evaluation. Complete thorough critique under: netbooked.net
Video Rating: four / five

Asus EEE PC 1025CE review - Intel Atom N2800 - Best Asus netbook for 2012

Also read the written assessment right here: www.netbooklive.com Adhere to me on Twitter: twitter.com or Subscribe on Facebook: www.facebook.com . A thorough video assessment of the Asus EEE Computer 1025CE, the premium ten inch netbook Asus is going to bring in stores in 2012, component of the Asus EEE Pc Flare family. This packs an Intel Atom CedarTrail N2800 processor, two GB of RAM, 320 GB HDD and Windows 7 Starter. It is general faster than the prior generation, plus makes it possible for Total HD video playing, whilst nonetheless providing 7+ hrs of every day use on a single charge. For a lot more facts see www.netbooklive.com Get in touch with me on twitter twitter.com or on G+ : plus.google.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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42 comments on “10.one” ASUS Eee Computer 1005HR Netbook Critique (1366 x 768 HD Show)
  1. Polohorse1616 says:

    I have a regular laptop, but, was thinking of getting a smaller one for on the go stuff. Is this worth it? Can you do the same things with it that you can with a normal laptop?

  2. 3ponyrider says:

    @10gavstar OF COURSE!! I have the 1005ha model and both work fine. I’m guessing the same would run on this one.

  3. lolitsmei says:

    i need help…. how do you change the desktop picture for dell mini 1012?

  4. talldude123 says:

    @klt3579 No, there is no room for an optical drive. You would need to purchase an external USB DVD drive.

  5. talldude123 says:

    That is the Ubuntu 9.10 desktop version. If you want to use it for school you might want to consider Edubuntu 11.04.

  6. sainamz says:


    Asus Netbooks On Sale or Review

  7. 10gavstar says:

    can it run powerpoint and word?

  8. cargecko007 says:

    I like this laptop except for one thing. That gay looking cursive Eee on the top…

  9. creambob says:

    Is it the mobile version of ubuntu? How work it on a netbook? I think i will buy this netbook but i have no experience with netbooks. I need one for the school for office works… i hope it’s the right, thank you – dankeschön!

  10. ENCHYLADAS says:

    The 900 series might be too small to type on comfortable for an extended period of time. With the 10 inch models, typing is much easier. Won’t wont even notice the 8% difference from a full scale keyboard. Right now, the 1005pe has the best reported battery life – 14 hours. I’m sure in “reality” testing, browsing the web connected to wifi, brightness at 40-50%, and maybe listening to music, you should get around 10 or 11 hours.

    Almost anything in the 1000 line is awesome.

  11. SniperInADiaper says:

    Hey Netbook, i know this video is very old ( a year old) but i got to to ask a question. I am thinking on of getting a netbook for college and i heard the EE PCs are the best with their 9 hour battery life, but which model is the best right now from asus? 10 inch?

  12. Mathijsweb says:

    Finally a 10.1 inch with 1366 * 768. Hating those 1024 * 600 screens.

  13. Mr4wesum says:

    can u download frostwire nd download media from it??

  14. pipotherium says:

    How does Ubuntu do as to battery management ? Do you get a decent autonomy compared to win7 ?

  15. 6Fail9 says:

    woot same notebook as me i play online games with it im starting to love it its so small

  16. MrLunettes says:


  17. 0987654321284 says:

    are there built in speakers in it? if so how good are they? if there aren’t then no problem. i can use headphones

  18. 0987654321284 says:

    i think it comes with xp or 7 starter. you can always install any linux

  19. dansut324 says:

    can you please stop adjusting the netbook when you’re talking about it… seriously. just leave it alone if you don’t need to pick it up.

  20. Mathijsweb says:

    This is a wonderful netbook, but I wish they used the netbook formfactor of the 1001HA. Which means non-glossy screen and a very very very nice chess pattern on the top.

  21. StarNorth2008 says:

    yeah you can just got to properties and you can change it to 600×400 to 1366 x 168

  22. Habstaz says:

    Hey nice video!

    Wanted to ask, you said this netbook has a 1366 by 768 display right? Are you able to change the screen resolution to a lower one? for example, 1024 by 600 from the screen properties?

    reply back a.s.a.p. thx!

  23. jlocohustler says:

    because they’re assheads

  24. ichimaru9916 says:

    sorry I want to know why everybody hate him when he use chrome?

  25. EpohalR3 says:

    He uses Chrome… He uses Chrome…
    I hate him… and you…

  26. Arkasai says:

    At this point Chrome has been the standard metric against which all other browsers are judged for years. Also hate is a strong word.

  27. cacad7 says:

    does the fan noisy ?

  28. gadgetjm says:

    you’ll have to double check with the store, but from what I know right now, you cannot upgrade the memory. This might depends from country to country though

  29. TheSuperCosmin says:

    URGENT PLEASE! I would like to buy one tommorow. Can i upgrade from 1 GB to 2 GB RAM? Please anwser!

  30. ProDigit80 says:

    definitely needs an ssd! I hope these 3 level MLC SSD’s will become available soon,which will be perfect for netbooks!

  31. Moscowfreaks says:

    WARNING for people who use computer for audio stream ! EEE 1025 can not stream audio in realtime.

  32. EpohalR3 says:

    You use Chrome… You use Chrome…
    I hate you…

  33. spantherix says:

    I loved the asus eeepc 1005p I had until it stopped working… I just plugged in power one day and everytime i plugged power inside netbook the power light was going on and of. After plugging it out of the netbook and only have it inside the wall it wasn’t doing this… A new power supply costs around 80€ and if the netbook itself is dead, it comes much pricier… I never had a notebook dying so fast before… I’m very dissapointed -.-

  34. coolkevin1230 says:

    Thats not the best 2012 -..-

  35. SuperCREATIVITYMan says:

    Christ, wish they’d just release the damn thing already. Anyone know when this hits UK shelves?

  36. TheUnbiasedGamer says:

    Wow! 1 gig of memory and you have to dissect it to upgrade?!! I’ll take 20!!! Lol! That would be a deal breaker if i was looking for a new one but i just bought an aspire one 722 to replace my old laptop which i like a lot.

  37. killer414 says:

    Im currently using atom 450 based single core netbook.. I mainly use linux and use it for programming , ssh sessions , watching movies and such.. Do you think its worth upgrading to an atom dual core?? also , apart from processor and design..how different is this from asus 1015px?

  38. VVKY10 says:

    I need a netbook for formal meetings in which I will show powerpoint and PDF documents. It should also allow me to edit these documents. So, it should support Microsoft Office 2010 (student or business edition) and Adobe Professional.

  39. gadgetjm says:

    depends. what do you need your mini laptops for. list your 3 main desires from it

  40. VVKY10 says:

    Thanks. In your opinion, is this the best budget 10″ or 12″ netbook right now?

  41. VVKY10 says:

    Thanks for a great review. Which one do you recommend — Asus EEE PC 1025CE or Asus EEE PC 1025C?

  42. Morteza says:

    my notebook (EeeP PC Flare series) doesn’t recognze any headphone which I connect to. whould you please help me resolving this problem?

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