How to upgrade ram of acer aspire content d270 netbook keyboard harddrive

in this small video we demonstrate you how to improve the ram memory and sata harddisk of your acer happy netbook which also applies for acer D270. The netbook has …
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21 comments on “How to upgrade ram of acer aspire content d270 netbook keyboard harddrive
  1. 0569Vladimir says:

    Даже не сомневайтесь. Я пробовал, без этого видео, снял клавиатуру, а дальше побоялся. Здесь даже перевод не нужен, все отлично видно. Только проверьте модель “Acer Aspire One D270-268BLw”, в других модуль памяти может быть впаянный (я не знал какой, но повезло) Поставил модуль памяти DDR3, “Silicon Power ” на 4Gb,частота 1600 МГц, форм-фактор SODIMM(“ноутбучный”). А какой фирмы стоял родной, даже не знаю, там все заклеено.

  2. Mel & Company says:

    Thanks for doing this video, you made it very easy for me to upgrade 2 of these things in minutes. Excellent job, keep making videos my friend!

  3. Vladislav Kovalev says:

    Есть смысл?

  4. Fatemeh Feyzi says:

    is it possible for Acer Aspire One D270-26Dw white balloon as well?

  5. DJ Rose says:

    Could you give me a link to where I could buy one of those ram cards.

  6. N Machiavelli says:

    I’m unsure whether KAC-MEMHS/2G is a 16 CHIP Memory. Could you maybe confirm this for me?
    Thanks alot!

  7. Petrache Dragoș says:

    Hi, I read somewhere that it needs 1066 MHz frequency; they both work? Wich of them is the best? And how can I know if the memory is 16 CHIP? My Aspire ONE is classic, not Happy.

  8. pericotenor says:

    Thank you!

  9. Edwin Animationcraft says:

    thank you

  10. Amy Rose says:

    Not working with my D270-1806…

  11. Chris Grondin says:

    Do you need to remove the keyboard? i heard you dont in another video. it dosnt seem essental, is it?

  12. 0569Vladimir says:

    Огромное СПАСИБО !!!
    На “Acer Aspire One D270-268″, увеличил RAM до 4 Gb.

  13. Halldor Geirsson says:

    Thank you, this was exactly what I needed.

  14. mandar mali says:

    thanks for the tutorial. 2gb did not make a lot of difference, no 4 gb available?

  15. tedcrum says:

    Note that the cover is held by 3 hooks at the rear, by the battery. Don’t pry there, or you will break the hooks; unsnap at the sides and front, then unhook the back. On the keyboard there are 3 plastic spring clips along the top of the keyboard at F4, F8 and F12 that push horizontally to relase the keyboard. At the top corners and on the sides there are “tight spots” that will release as the KB is lifted at center-top.

  16. irfan sefket says:

    Hi !
    Super video!
    I have updated the software in windows 7 ultimate but , can i add 4 GB ram ?

  17. edubovick says:

    Great video! I used it to upgrade my Acer aspire one D270-1375, Now I can actually work on it.

  18. tedcrum says:

    Thanks! Your’s is the best video on the Acer One / Happy D270. One other guy didn’t know how to use tools, another just showed us his elbow.

  19. jacob brunberg says:

    will this void the warenty??

  20. James McCoy-Bruce says:

    Perfect! This was just what I needed. I was able to upgrade the RAM on my wife’s netbook in about 10 minutes. Thank you!

  21. ShakepearesDaughter says:

    A friend gave me a D270-1835. What a little doorstop that was. I decided to upgrade it to 2 GB RAM and it actually works more like a real computer now. I now have three keys that won’t stay on (they must have a tool at the factory to set these in cleanly), but even if I have to replace the keyboard, the darn thing is working and it’s faster. There were more screws to remove in the unit to free up the back than shown in this video and retaining clips to work with as well. Different model I guess.

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