Acer Aspire One 722 evaluation

I bought a mini-Pc. It is my first a single. Right here I’m just making a evaluation of it since I could not discover a great video clip in english about this Pc. I 1st gave it a score of six/10 but I believe it is a lot more like five/ten… simply because now I’ve returned it. Written review:
Video Rating: 3 / five

Preview of the Acer Aspire One 722 and part of an extensive assessment of the laptop at (DE) and (EN).

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29 comments on “Acer Aspire One 722 evaluation
  1. rjrex8 says:

    i love using my acer laptop.

  2. MurdocLC says:

    Yeah but what I said is true…

  3. kheizzer says:

    is a JOKE, you dont see? u_U

  4. MurdocLC says:

    More like, male = fap detected. My hand isn’t broken, then it would be in a cascade, I just have the bandage on cause I fell with my bike. Or it’s because I got a weak wrist from not moving enough and they said this would help when I’m sleeping or doing my wrist exercise.

  5. kheizzer says:

    broken hand = fap detected

  6. MurdocLC says:

    That’s ridiculous.

  7. whchuang says:

    If you search newegg you will see that the GPU is not powerful enough to play back MP4 files, etc.

  8. TheDayat98 says:

    I just bought this at Sim Lim Square, Singapore for $ 549
    5 star netbook

  9. MurdocLC says:

    @lil2leight What the hell?

  10. lil2leight says:

    u could have waited till ur hand heals u know

  11. FinoTheSuper says:

    happens to me too 😀 lol

  12. 14daxter says:

    would you be able to use sony vegas pro for editing videos on it? if you can is it any good?

  13. kriger12345 says:

    will this run Leuge og legends and runescape at decent fps ( 30-40 )?

  14. MurdocLC says:

    Haha, I didn’t think it’s that great but good! High five!

  15. Simlemss696 says:

    I just got it and its great 😀 I’m on it now.

  16. TheBlitz1 says:

    how exactly does one install the internet?

  17. mrdave777 says: do you watch 1080p videos.. through the hdmi port? How many external displays can you have… and is it a duplicate of whats on the Acer? In other words, can you surf on the Acer and watch a movie on a tv through the hdmi? THX

  18. prince4d says:

    the screen is 720p

  19. theoneandonly5911 says:

    @h2dude69 if you want to see that, then check out the @minipcpro review, she plays back a time laps and it plays flawlessly! :)

  20. h2dude69 says:

    When I saw the Title, I thought the video would be demonstrating HD Video Playback on the 722.

    I was trolled :(

  21. javierga says:


  22. Javammad says:

    in our city it is about 370 usd

  23. makinganentrance says:

    a question, I own an hp mini but I can’t stream in TVs, so i became interested in this pc due to its havingh hdmi, but how does it work?? is it that i just plug the thing and I can mirror what i see in my computer screen and on the television set??? thanks

  24. adzii1 says:

    @mypublickser ithink 260 @ argos?

  25. mypublickser says:

    how much does it cost?

  26. LuigiJz says:

    But will it Blend ?

  27. vilvil21 says:

    Seriously? Do you have any upgrades

  28. FictitiousMe says:

    That HD Internet sticker is actually from AMD. Its just to say that this laptop can run all internet HD content smoothly, like 1080p YouTube videos etc.

  29. vinthulan says:

    Is thier an option to get more than 1ghz and how muhcwould it cost?

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